Invaders: 22 Tales from the Outer Limits of Literature

Invaders Tales from the Outer Limits of Literature The invasion of the future has begun Literary legends including Steven Millhauser Junot Di z Amiri Baraka and Katharine Dunn have attacked the borders of the every day Like time traveling mad scien

  • Title: Invaders: 22 Tales from the Outer Limits of Literature
  • Author: Jacob Weisman Jim Shepard W.P. Kinsella Steven Millhauser Max Apple Amiri Baraka Ben Loory
  • ISBN: 9781616962104
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Paperback
  • Invaders: 22 Tales from the Outer Limits of Literature

    The invasion of the future has begun.Literary legends including Steven Millhauser, Junot Di z, Amiri Baraka, and Katharine Dunn have attacked the borders of the every day Like time traveling mad scientists, they have concocted outrageous creations from the future They have seized upon tales of technology gone wrong and mandated that pulp fiction must finally grow up.In tThe invasion of the future has begun.Literary legends including Steven Millhauser, Junot Di z, Amiri Baraka, and Katharine Dunn have attacked the borders of the every day Like time traveling mad scientists, they have concocted outrageous creations from the future They have seized upon tales of technology gone wrong and mandated that pulp fiction must finally grow up.In these wildly speculative stories you will discover the company that controls the world from an alley in Greenwich Village You ll find nanotechnology that returns memories to the residents of a nursing home You ll rally an avian like alien to become a mascot for a Major League Baseball team.The Invaders are here But did science fiction colonize them first

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      217 Jacob Weisman Jim Shepard W.P. Kinsella Steven Millhauser Max Apple Amiri Baraka Ben Loory
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    One thought on “Invaders: 22 Tales from the Outer Limits of Literature

    1. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽

      3.5 stars. Final review, first posted on Fantasy Literature:Here there be, if not dragons, a rousing assemblage of apocalyptic plagues, some time travel, a couple of mad scientists, and several aliens from other planets. But this isn’t your normal set of science fiction stories. The real invaders, I suspect, are the actual writers of these stories, descending upon the fantasy and science fiction field with fresh ideas and less adherence to the traditions and tropes of the genre than one would [...]

    2. Althea Ann

      An anthology of 'speculative' fiction by authors who are known for writing mainstream fiction. I'm not familiar with the majority of the authors, but hey, figured I'd give it a try.*** “Portal” by J. Robert LennonThe discovery of a magic portal in the backyard is given an amusing dissonance by the fact that the family who owns it treats it like any other property amenity, such as perhaps, an inground pool. And, the narrator tells us, they've allowed it to fall into disuse, in fact, almost fo [...]

    3. Mattia Ravasi

      Video-review: youtube/watch?v=LHT5mFeatured in my Top 20 Books I Read in 2016: youtube/watch?v=4X6OQJUNOT DIAZ PLEASE JUST PUBLISH THE FUCKING MONSTRO THING, EVEN IF IT'S THE NEW YORKER STORY FOLLOWED BY THE WORDS AND THEN WE ALL DIED IT WOULD STILL BE THE BEST NOVEL OF THE YEAR AND I WOULD BUY TEN COPIES OF IT OH PLEASE GOD.The rest of the anthology is also fucking astonishing. Seriously, how have I never heard of some of these people? They all write fucking brilliantly. (Except for Jonathan Le [...]

    4. Mike

      The premise of this book is that writers who are primarily known as "literary" write stories which are clearly in the science fiction and fantasy genre. Now, there are several different meanings of "literary," in my mind, and they're often confused. First of all, there's "literary-the-manner-of-execution". This includes deep, complex, evolving, memorable characters; a conscious or unconscious mastery of the tools and techniques of prose, able to produce subtle and powerful effects on the reader; [...]

    5. Alisha A

      This arc was provided by Netgalley and Tachyon Publications in exchange for an honest reviewIf you ever needed a manual on how to write a good short story, this collection would well and truly suffice. Each story is bursting with imagination; exciting prose; thought-provoking vision. These stories are the cream of the crop, truly fine examples of what make speculative fiction so fascinating. Every piece has a crisp, literary quality to their writing, perfectly melded with the surreal ideas and t [...]

    6. Ellie

      A collection of sci fi stories from a variety of writers, most of whom not known for their work in this genre, Invaders: 22 Tales from The Outer Limits of Literature is a delight. Some of my favorite writers are represented: Jonathan Lethem (the name of whose story I unfortunately can't write here) is as hilarious and evocative as always and George Saunders contribution was heartbreaking in an over-the-top kind of way. Jami Attenberg (who wrote The Middlesteins, a book I loved) has a touching en [...]

    7. Chris

      The difference between "literary" and "genre"is something that comes up somewhat often on book blogs; the gap is both hard to quantify, yet also simple enough that it can be explained using pies. Long-time readers might already know that I have a habit of getting up on my soapbox about "what makes good genre" or defending genre works as "literary" fictions, as the (admittedly arbitrary) divide is something I'm both fascinated and frustrated by. So, needless to say I was very intrigued by [...]

    8. Seregil of Rhiminee

      Originally published at Risingshadow.Invaders: 22 Tales from the Outer Limits of Literature features 22 tales written by authors who have mostly written literary fiction, but have also occasionally tried their hands on science fiction. This anthology allows readers an opportunity to explore interesting, inventive and original stories that wonderfully demonstrate what can be achieved when literary authors write science fiction and concentrate on speculating about life, relationships and technolog [...]

    9. Magdelanye

      A short story collection of such consistently intriguing variety is welcome in any genre. Even more so in the case of science fiction, literatures disreputable cousin, providing as this book does, such indisputable evidence of excellence.

    10. Stephen Case

      What does it mean to write science fiction? On some level, it means writing stories that get published in magazines featuring artistically-depicted spaceships and robots on their covers. It’s creating content involving science or at least scientific ideas playing out in new and interesting directions. It remains relevant because of the ways science continues to inform who we are, what we’re doing, and where we’re going.Who’s writing important science fiction today? Things get a bit fuzzi [...]

    11. Joe Karpierz

      Science fiction and fantasy have long been considered the ghetto of literature - if they were considered literature at all. SF&F have long been shut out of major non-genre awards, and indeed have not often been considered for such awards. Literary writers and magazines have long looked down their noses at genre fiction. That attitude slowly appears to be changing. To be sure, the attitude is still prevalent, but the dividing line between genre and literature is showing some cracks. Authors l [...]

    12. Alan

      With a title like Invaders, this theme anthology could easily have gone very wrong. Xenophobia may be trendier than it once was (and definitely more popular than it should ever be), but as it turns out that's not at all what this book is about. The invaders in editor Jacob Weisman's book aren't thinly-disguised Mexicans or Muslims, or any other exemplars of our national paranoia about The Other. No, the Invaders in Invaders are the authors—and what they're invading is SF itself.You see, SF (sc [...]

    13. Armel Dagorn

      I feel like I'm the exact target audience for this anthology. I don't recall reading a collection gathering that many writers I know and love (I'd already read four or five of the stories selected in individual collections or magazines), or whose names keep coming up. Some of my favourite stories were:-Jonathan Lethem's "Five Fucks", a high concept story that contains, yes, five fucks, but that I couldn't really describe further without giving away too much. But I can say that it's just the kind [...]

    14. Fantasy Literature

      4.5 stars from Bill, read the full review at FANTASY LITERATUREAs with most collections, whether they be of stories, poems, or essays, I found Invaders: 22 Tales from the Outer Limits of Literature, edited by Jacob Wesiman, to be a mixed bag overall, with some weak stories, some solidly good ones, some very good ones, and several absolutely great ones, more in fact than I typically find in an anthology, making this an easy collection to recommend.The authors collected here are non-genre writers [...]

    15. Ari

      I think the conceit of this anthology is it's sf by literary authors, and Unfortunately,,, a lot of the stories fall in that crack between the mattress and wall of genres, where they have the White People With Ennui Cheating On Their Spouses strain of literary fiction I hate most, and where their sf elements are just set dressing for the ennui.This anthology is partially saved by a few stories-- 'The Squid Who Fell in Love With the Sun' (Ben Loory) is a mostly silly story with a bit of heart. 'L [...]

    16. Meg

      Some of the stories didn't grab my attention, and that can probably be attributed to timing and my state of mind more than anything else. I did, however, really enjoy the following stories: "Portal" - J. Robert Lennon, "The Inner City" - Karen Heuler, "Topics in Advanced Rocketry" - Chris Tarry, "A Precursor of the Cinema" - Steven Millhauser, "Monstros" - Junot Díaz, and "Near-Flesh" - Katherine Dunn. These explore the weirdness of human psyche and will linger in my mind for a long time.Thanks [...]

    17. Bob Milne

      This was a wildly uneven collection that started off strong, and became a struggle to slog through. I can't say whether they were too 'literary' for my tastes, or just too 'wildly' speculative to really strike a nerve, but far too many of them seemed rather plodding narratives about concepts I didn't find the least bit intriguing.

    18. Daniel

      This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book. Rated 3.0 of 5Science fiction by writers not typically known for their science fiction - that is the essence of this collection of short stories.For the most part, I found this to be a rather average collection. It is interesting from a 'uniqueness' point of view and most of the stories included are worth reading. The hard-core sci-fi fans may find this to be less than exciting, though those willing to explore for new authors may find [...]

    19. Susan

      As can be expected from an anthology, there are stronger stories and weaker stories. The first and last stories are both good - though the ones I thought were best are scattered through the middle. There are a few stories that are very weird. In a good way, I think. I wound up rereading one three times because it skipped around so bizarrely but the overall concept was fascinating. There was only one story that was blah enough that I wound up skipping it. (I was very sleepy at the time. Might hav [...]

    20. Dave Golombek

      A great collection of stories by authors who are not primarily science fiction authors but here present pieces that fall into the genre. It's definitely a great sign of how the genre walls are slowly being broken down (or is that just me being hopeful) and how much science fiction is bleeding into the mainstream. The quality of the writing is superb across the board, and a lot of the authors tackle subjects that are frequently glossed over by authors firmly within the genre (sexism, raising fami [...]

    21. Marcheto

      This anthology had quite an interesting and promising premise for someone like me who enjoys both genre and literary fiction: fantasy/science fiction/horror/weird stories written by authors who are considered literary authors and are not usually associated with speculative genres. And although among the 22 stories there were four or five that I found quite weak, I did enjoy more than half of the stories, and I loved one of them: the fascinating and beautiful “A Precursor of the Cinema”, by S [...]

    22. Zack Reda

      now ive started reading this book a couple months ago since its a collection of short stories i thought i can take it at my own pace i have read the first 4 stories and they were awesome but as i was moving forward i kinda felt burned on the genre and couldnt find it in me to continue so i flipped to Diaz's story since it was the reason i picked this up and gave it a read and of course it was great but it wasn't as great as i thought it would be :D still pretty good !

    23. Christa

      This is the most fun I've had reading a book in a while. The premise of this collection of short stories is to showcase mainstream fiction writers dabbling in science fiction. There were only a few names I recognized but now I'm planning to find their other works and hope they are just as good. I thoroughly enjoyed every story and I'm sad to be finished with this book.

    24. Gary

      This is the book I've been waiting for. While I have long been attracted to science fiction for the ideas of the authors, in so many instances the ideas and plotting come at the expense of "lazy" writing, i.e. where little time has been spent creating a mood or an atmosphere, a character who has no more purpose than to keep the action going, let alone crafting a sentence that "sings." Often after having finished a sci-fi novel I have admired I have thought, "Too bad the author couldn't have team [...]

    25. Tamim Sadikali

      In the world of books, nothing says set-piece affair like genre fiction. You either love vampires or dragons or aliens with outsized sexual organs, or it’s just a closed-off world. Sure, there’s a living to be made in giving punters what they want – just ask these two – but is it art? And if not, who really cares when everyone goes home happy. Snapping back to current matters, it feels right to declare my hand – so suffice to say, if I ever met an enthusiast of the Klingon language, I [...]

    26. Karen

      I am really fond of anthologies and found this one to be an excellent collection.All of these authors are new to me and I will definitely be reading more of their stories.The standouts to me are Portal by j. Robert Lemon which was a humorous vision of suburbia when you have a wormhole on your property.Beautiful Monsters by Eric Puchner was unique and an interesting view on the quest for youth.Limbs by Julia Elliott was touching and revealed layers of a life of memories.Escape From SpiderHead was [...]

    27. Ian

      You know when lit fic writers try their hand at genre, although of course their story appears in a lit fic venue not a genre one, and everyone goes on how astonishlingly inventive it is but genre fans just shake their heads sadly because they’ve seen it all before… Well, if that ever happened, and I suspect it hasn’t done for a number of decades, there’s enough proof in Invaders to demonstrate that science fiction and fantasy are now so prevalent that an author doesn’t need to be steep [...]

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