Never Too Real

Never Too Real Rita skillfully reveals the depth of her characters New York Times bestselling author Jacqueline SheehanIn Carmen Rita s savvy scandalous and wise new novel four close friends who ve earned the bes

  • Title: Never Too Real
  • Author: Carmen Rita
  • ISBN: 9781496701305
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Paperback
  • Never Too Real

    Rita skillfully reveals the depth of her characters New York Times bestselling author Jacqueline SheehanIn Carmen Rita s savvy, scandalous, and wise new novel, four close friends who ve earned the best of everything are forced to decide what they can afford to lose Cat, Magda, Gabi, and Luz They ve helped each other up the ladder with unshakable encouragement and raw Rita skillfully reveals the depth of her characters New York Times bestselling author Jacqueline SheehanIn Carmen Rita s savvy, scandalous, and wise new novel, four close friends who ve earned the best of everything are forced to decide what they can afford to lose Cat, Magda, Gabi, and Luz They ve helped each other up the ladder with unshakable encouragement and raw honesty since forever But lately, trouble is throwing everything these formidable women thought they knew into doubt When outspoken Cat s high flying T.V career crashes and burns, she s got to figure out which dream she wants to keep alive the most her own, or someone else s Gorgeous venture capitalist Magda defied her traditional family to make her own way in her personal life and her career but an unexpected crisis could finally shatter her chance to resolve the past As a therapist, sensitive, supportive Gabi has all the answers But when her own world falls apart, can she turn her compassion and her trademark tough love on herself And proud, wealthy Luz thought she knew everything about her upper class family background until a revelation she never saw coming threatens to be the one legacy she can t afford Now all four women will have to face the truths that make them vulnerable and the failings that give them strength to discover who they really are and what real happiness means The summer s smartest sexy beach read.But it s the love, friendship and breathtaking honesty between these literary amigas that will stay with you long after the last delicious pages are done New York Times bestselling author Veronica Chambers

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      266 Carmen Rita
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    One thought on “Never Too Real

    1. Laura.125Pages

      This review was originally posted on 125pages Never Too Real by Carmen Rita is one of those group friendship books. Where everyone's life falls apart at just about the same time, no one tells the others about said falling apart because they can handle it on their own, and then they realize they cannot and turn to their friends which fixes (almost) everything. The reason there are many books (and movies and TV shows) following the same plot is that it really does work. At times you get frustrated [...]

    2. Shawn

      I'm grateful to have been given an advance copy from the publisher. This is my personal and unbiased opinion of that work. I dunnoif hard pressed to make a decision about this book, I really don't know how to feel. It's a great formula, a bunch of other authors have used it, and it has obviously worked. The character development was solid and most readers would likely be able to relate to each one of them through some common thread. Maybe that's itere's just so much to keep up with, with only ma [...]

    3. Billie

      This is a light summer beach read. It is a time of discovery for the four main characters, Cat, Magda, Gabi, and Luz. These characters make for an enjoyable read. There are some funny moments. Some parts were rather challenging. I received this book free from Giveaways for a review.

    4. Andrea Meier

      I couldn't finish this. 😦😞 I really wanted to like al, the main female characters, but the writing was choppy and I couldn't get into it.

    5. Renee Cowdery

      I received this as an arc for review. I really enjoyed it. This is a book about good friendship and these four women being there for each other.

    6. BlogIsTheNewBlack

      Just finished reading #CarmenRita's novel #NeverTooReal and I am a mixture of emotions. The book is a lot of things and in some ways perhaps TOO many things. The four central characters, Lux, Cat, Gabi and Magda are all compelling in their own way. My issue is that perhaps there is too many of them and as such you never fully get to devote your time to one character and therefore never truly fall in love with one of them. However, if I was #CarmenRitaWong I do not know which character I could cu [...]

    7. Jamie Holzberg / Fluff Smut & Murder

      Thank you to NetGalley and to the publisher for the ARC of this novel in exchange for my honest review.Latina Fluff!! I loved it!! Four friends with fiery personalities complete with drama makes for a terrific read. While there were some stereotypical elements to the story – they were all side characters and each of these ladies showed that the color of your skin means absolutely nothing as to the amazing character you may have on the inside. What I loved: My favorite part was Cat’s off the [...]

    8. Meagan

      I like a lot of what this book was doing. It features a group of four devoted friends, all smart and professionally driven, all Latina but from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, all facing serious challenges. It's a great setup, and the author manages to create four very distinct main characters that never blur or jumble together. The characters are 100% the book's strongest point. Where I started to have problems was in the plot itself - not because the plot was inherently problematic, [...]

    9. Linda Doyle

      I would guess that Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez's Dirty Girls Social Club series influenced Carmen Rita's writing of this novel. There are similarities in style and character. I like this book, especially the strong characterizations and the depictions of their racial identities and the challenges they face as women of color. However, I wish the storylines had a better flow. The overall plot seems choppy as it moves between the four protagonists. It's confusing. Also, I wish the author had introduced [...]

    10. Revae

      I expected more from this book. It was a lot to digest in the beginning. There was a lot of background to cover on each women and it felt a little rushed at times. Once I read through the first three or four chapters, I was able to keep up with the flow and the pace of the book. The four women are likeable characters with interesting stories to tell as they navigate through adulthood - marriages, families, parents, careers, etc. By the end of the book, I wanted to know more about each girl. I wi [...]

    11. Laura

      I won this book on . I've never read anything quite like it, with four successful Latina friends as the main characters. It was a very interesting insight into glamorous lives (that I've never experienced) through the eyes of a woman of color (also never experienced). This is a pleasant summer read for anyone, but I think this book could be very inspirational to young Latina girls. Bravo to Carmen Rita! The only downside for me was my lack of knowledge of the Spanish terms in the book; it would [...]

    12. Shekenah

      **I won this in a Giveaway**I have mixed emotions regarding this novel. I like most of the characters, especially Cat and I appreciate the journeys of these women, however I never emotionally connected to them. I feel like there was too much crammed into the story. I do appreciate the diversity in the women. The novel also jumps around when telling the stories which I didn't enjoy. Overall, I am pleased I had the opportunity to read this, but I don't consider this a must read.

    13. Marisa

      When it comes to fiction, I look for books that involve me completely —whether it’s because of the beautiful writing, the power of the story, or the characters, and in a perfect book it’s all three. So by the time I got to the end, I knew I’d just read a novel that mixed all the elements for the a good chick litI'd like to thank Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC in return for an honest review.

    14. Kathleen Gray

      Well done, well written "women's fiction" of four friends, some of whom (Cat, Magda) seem more complex than others (Luz and Gabi). The first quarter of this book was a little confusing as it switched from person to person and time frame to time frame. That said, it all untangled in the end. Recommend this if you enjoy books about diverse female friends. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.

    15. Jessica

      I received this book for free through ' First Reads.Overall I enjoyed this book. I really liked that it was written from a Latina perspective because you hardly see that in Women's fiction. All the diversity and social commentary was great. It did feel a bit rushed especially towards the end, but that didn't hinder the overall reading experience.

    16. Rachel

      I received this book from the First Reads program.A Latin Sex and the City. Four women lean on eachother friendships as their lives all take drastic turns. I loved the authentic look into the diverse community that is collectively called "Latin". My favorite part of the book was the end as we get a look at how all the women have risen like a phoenix from the ashes of their lives.

    17. Suzanne M

      This book was a nice, quick read, filled with the complex lives of four women and how they help each other in times of good and bad. The book is sprinkled with Spanish language that keeps the dialogue current, but for this reader, I could have a used a translation for some of it! (;-) Like a Sex in the City episode, this was certainly entertaining!

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