Tempted by the Bear: Part 2

Tempted by the Bear Part Isabelle My brother found his true mate and I ve been replaced so it s time to replace him Luke Robichaux is the perfect distraction and love isn t the only goal we share in common Tori I finally me

  • Title: Tempted by the Bear: Part 2
  • Author: V. Vaughn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tempted by the Bear: Part 2

    Isabelle My brother found his true mate and I ve been replaced, so it s time to replace him Luke Robichaux is the perfect distraction, and love isn t the only goal we share in common Tori I finally met the man in my dreams, but Keith seems to think he s too old for me I ll just have to show him he s wrong.

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      266 V. Vaughn
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    One thought on “Tempted by the Bear: Part 2

    1. Sheila Kennedy

      Part two is more about Tristan's sister Annie. They have come with an agenda, and our friends don't know it yet, Tristan and Annie have bonded, much to his sister's dismay, but alass, she has too? One can only wonder what trial is in store for my favorite clan of bear shifters. Who will Tristan be loyal to? You are gonna have to follow the story to find out! Until next installment.

    2. Patti

      Overall rating: 4.5Once again all the main characters play their parts to perfection. Heat sizzles between a couple of pairing yet it is still uncertain if they will be true matches. The flow of this book is seamless and the author takes it to another perfect cutoff point. Although I know many people do not like the constant cutoff and prefer things to be presented in just one book, these books allow me to read in spurts while getting other things accomplished so I time these based on what chore [...]

    3. Sue Riley

      Tempted by the Bear: Part 2V. VaughnReviewed by SFF DragonI enjoyed reading the continuing story of the diminishing Le Roux clan and it's attempts to increase it's numbers again.The second instalment of V. Vaughn's 'Tempted by the Bear' continues the story of fated mates Grizzly shifter Annie Le Roux and Polar bear Tristan De Rozier, but I'm not really convinced, despite Tristan having bitten Annie, and telling her he loves her, that he has changed his plans to betray her and take over the clan [...]

    4. Sherill

      A MINI SOAP OPERA IN A BOOK!Tempted by the Bear-Part 2-A captivating story with suspense and spine-tingling romance. I adore series, you get acquainted with all the awesome characters, and the characters in this series are powerful, sultry, exhilarating and full of unsuspected surprises.The story features, Annie Le Roux, a curvaceous, sassy bear shifter who is now mated to Tristan; Tristan De Rozier a sultry, strapping, powerful alpha polar bear shifter who wants to prevent his clan from extinct [...]

    5. Beth Schafer

      I received an ARC of Tempted by the Bear-Part 2 for my honest review. This story is the second part of an amazing series spun of the Called by the Bear series.Tristan and Isabelle are Polar Bears who have come to the LeRoux Clan under the pretense of seeking a place for their clan to reside only their real plan was to take over the LeRoux kingdom. Now Isabelle is mad because Tristan forever mated Anne Le Roux which catapults Isabelle into a fit of feral rage. Isabella hooks up with Luke as they [...]

    6. Sue Davis

      I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK FOR AN HONEST REVIEW AND THIS IS MY HONEST OPINION . OVER 18 READING A BOOK THAT LEAVES YOU WANTING MOREON In this book we have Isabelle learning that her twin (polar bears) Tristan has mated Annie, she feels betrayed. He can never betray Annie (black bear)now, and they had planned to take over the Le Roux kingdom for their own. We have Tori a young girl (18)who has felt the calling ,( which she doesn't understand what is happening, just that she dreams of him every night)f [...]

    7. D Thomas

      Tempted by the Bear - Part 2by V. VaughnThings are moving along for Tristan and Annie. Though I am still unsure as to whether or not Tristan will betray Annie. Then there are his kids. They way Tristan talks about them has Annie kind of wondering. I get the feeling that his mother is going to be a definite problem and the kids aren't sounding much better.Isabelle is totally pissed at Tristan. She feels that he has abandoned her, left her alone. However, there is Luke. He is their partner in crim [...]

    8. Amber Tucker

      Immediately pulled me in! I wasn't feeling Izzy too much knowing that something was up with her and Tristen. Then as she explodes and is in pain, I felt so bad for her, she has been hurt so much as a child and her one rock has switched his number one girl. She feels alone and betrayed. Then she hardens herself to go through with her own betrayal. Can she do it? Will Tristen come out to Annie?Tori is brought more to the forefront in Part Two. She has finally met her dream man! But he thinks he's [...]

    9. Barbara Stoker

      I received this book as a arc for my honest opinionrt two is a continuation of tempted by the bear pt 1.where pt 1 was about Tristan and Annie part two is more about Tristan's twin sister Isabella. Isabelle find out that Tristan and Annie bonded and freaks out. She needs up turning to Luke. After a night of passion Isabella needs up biting Luke, when she freaks out and says sorry he says he's not a bites her back which causes a mate bond. Is it love, is Luke lying to her.This series is getting b [...]

    10. Cheri

      Some new happenings and new characters to blend in with the rest. Tristan does love Annie and shows it to the point Isobel feels betrayed and deserted. She turns to Luke for more than their scheme, and he fills the bill. Their relationship progresses far past what she planned and Tristan is not pleased. It seems Keith knows why Tori feels for him but he is too old and refuses to allow feelings to surface. However, when she confronts him he does something that could have repercussions.Lots of new [...]

    11. Ingrid Stephanie Jordan

      Title: Tempted by the Bear Part TwoAuthor: Violet Vaughn Reviewed: Stephanie Jordan ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆I really like this Series, Ms. Vaughn added new characters that mingle with the old. All making the plot thicken.Tristan loves Annie so when he shows it, Isabelle get so mad she's almost feral. They had plans for the future for there Clan which was to over take the LeRoux Clan, there land and wealth. But now Tristan mated Annie LeRoux  Now what? Does that [...]

    12. Cilicia White

      This takes place right after the cliffhanger in part one and Izzy is out of control. She feels betrayed and is looking for payback against her twin. What will happen between the two of them and who will come out on top in the end. Tristen will have to come clean to Annie before it blows up in his face and now that Izzy is attracted to Carly's half brother what will she do? Tori is more in this part and we see the man she has been dreaming about is someone from our last series and I was shocked t [...]

    13. Helen Martins

      Received the book for an honest review. Book two in the Tempted By The Bear series continues with Tristan and Annie's newly mated relationship. Also, Isabelle feels abandoned by her brother now that he is mated. Have their plans to overtake the Le Roux clan come to a screeching halt?? Not if she can help it. Isabelle hooks up time Luke Robichaux to make sure all goes as planed. Tori finally meets the man of her erotic dreams, but he doesn't want anything to do with her. Keith is still mourning t [...]

    14. Tanja

      to mate or not to mate, that's the question!in this second part we get to know more about Isabelle and Tori and their quest. Isabelle feels lost now her brother has fully mated to annie. still wanting to keep up with their plan she gets closer to Luke and they end up mating with each other. whether it's a true bond or not, they do share some common goals, good or bed, that is still to be decided.Tori, Luke's twin sister, finds her true mate, only he's not having any of it. in his eyes she's just [...]

    15. Denise H.

      Book 2) ting. This series continues from Called By The Bear, and if you haven't read those, you may be confused. Annie and Tristan mate and he proposes. She hasn't met his kids yet, and the hints are that the three children are horrible. There is a underlying evil with him and his sister, who is hooking up with Luke. But now, Izzy and Luke are planning their own take over and power grab. As I recall Luke from the previous series has a chip on his shoulder and revenge in his heart. It's all very [...]

    16. Sue Zawisa

      Review for TEMPTED BY THE BEAR: PT 2I received this as a gift for an honest reviewWell, things are really heating up in the various bear clans. Isabelle is distraught that Tristan is now bonded to Annie. She is rebellious and she plans to carry out their plan by herself. When her and Luke blood bond and move into together, things can only get worse. Luke’s twin, Lucy, is disgusted with both of them. In the meantime, Lucy tries to hook Tori up with a guy her own age to get her over her obsessio [...]

    17. Melissa King

      Mrs. Vaughn just keeps pulling you in to each story she writes about Tristan's and Annie's families. Tristan bonds with his true mate Annie and leaves Isabelle feeling betrayed and replaced.She finds a hot and sexy diversion in Luke Robichaux.Young Tori finally meets Keith the man she has been dreaming about but he isn't happy. Keith feels he is to old for Tori and wants the mate call to be canceled. Mrs . Vaughn is great at writing a series, she gives you a enough information to keep you happy [...]

    18. Pam Louis

      n the 2nd book in this series we find that Isabella flips out, that her brother has fully mated with his true life mate (Annie)Sweet Annie always the one to help everyone. Isabella is still bent on the original plan to destroy and take over Annie' s family (clan, land ) and we still do not what Tristan is going to do yet. Will he betray Annie?Isabella moves on with the plan without him if need be. She moves in with Luke Robichaux and he is the master mind on their tying to bring down his 1/2 sis [...]

    19. Racy

      Isabelle is very jealous of her brother. She feels betrayed. Tristan said that he would never leave her and now here is his bonded to his true mate Annie. Isabelle does not like that she is no longer number one. She is doing everything she can to make Tristan mad for his betrayal.Isabelle finds her self attracted to Luke. He is such a great distraction. Can Luke give her the belonging that she longs for? Isabelle will discover that there are a few surprises with Luke as well.Tori is still dreami [...]

    20. Rebecca

      So Part 2 was a pleasant surprise. Annie and Tristan have mated and honestly he's growing on me. He seems to be trying with Annie and telling her some truths I just hope he doesn't end up breaking her heart. Isabella, wow she is a tormented woman who feels abandoned by her twin mating Annie after saying he wouldn't. I'm not sure how I feel about Luke. I know he's upto no good but is he just using Izzy or does he truly care for her. I really like Tori and I hope that Keith will finally accept her [...]

    21. Kristine (A Cozy Booknook)

      I can't wait for the next installment of this story! The story picks up after the cliffhanger of the previous book. Isabella is quite upset, hurt, feeling abandoned, alone and betrayed by her brother. Ssome secrets are revealed, which has me thinking there is more to what's going on than we are being clued into. Both parts of the story, so far, have shown so much depth of character and detail of what is going on. The author quickly drew me into the story and has kept me engrossed in what's happe [...]

    22. Sharon Hatt

      Now that Tristan has completed the mate bond with Annie, Isabelle goes off the deep end with the mother of all temper tantrums! Including but limited to some very bad behavior (not in the original plan) with Luke. Things are getting interesting, is Tori destined for the May – December romance of her dreams? Will there be a coup? Is Tristan what he seems or are more surprises in store? Love this story so far the characters are quickly becoming favorites and there is so much going on it sucks yo [...]

    23. Jessica Mitchell

      A slow romance is budding in the were-bear community. Keith thinks he's too old for his fated mate. She may be 10 years younger than him but at eighteen she has learned that age is just a number. Annie and Tristan have hit it off. Taking their time to get to know one another and try to heal some family wounds Especially Tristan's sister Isabella aka Izzy. She feels along now that the bond between Annie and Tristan is solid. She feels the plan is not going to go right. So she reaches out to Luke [...]

    24. Ashley Snyder

      In this part of the series a lot is going on. You learn more about the wild Isabelle, you get the chance to understand her a bit more and see her pain and loneliness. Annie and Tristan are still steaming up the windows and they are now forever truly mated. Yep I said it, MATED!! You get a more in-dept view on Tori, and meeting the bear that been heating up her dreams. Which is a bonus none of us are complaining about!! Isabelle and Luke Rabichaux are also getting thing hot. So get your fans read [...]

    25. Sheryl

      I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author V. Vaughn. This is part 2 of the Tempted by the Bear series by the author.Isabelle is furious with her brother Tristan for marking Annie so she seeks comport in the arms of Luke Robichaux. Tori finally meets the man who has been haunting her dreams but he does not want her so she is left to find someone else.WOW lots of great characters and their interaction makes the whole story a very good read.This is for mature paranormal romanc [...]

    26. Barbara Watts

      I received this book as a arc for my honest opinionrwatts@telus This is the second part of the story. Annie Le Roux,and Tristan De Rozier have now mated leaving Isabelle De Rozier, his sister to find her own way and she becomes involved with Luke Robichaux. Also a college student Tori is having intimate dreams about Keith an older shifter. But the brother and sister are still not being honest with the pack. How is this going to effect the lives of those involved, I can hardly wait for the next p [...]

    27. Luzmaria Morneault-welton

      Another great series by V. Vaughn. I really enjoyed this series. Each story was packed with so much in such a short period of time. So well written and enjoyed every part of it. You don't often find shot stories to have such great plots as this book and series does. Usually there's not enough time to fit it all in, in a short read but somehow she made it work. I only wished the books were longer. A great enjoyable mini read an an excellent series. Most of the characters from Called by the Bear s [...]

    28. Kristy

      I was given an ARC of 'Tempted by the Bear- part 2' from V. Vaughn, in exchange for an honest review.I was quickly drawn into this book, loving the dynamics of what was occuring whilst I was reading, the secrets were still thick, leaving me wondering when they would all come to light. Part 2 really focused on Isabelle, Polar Bear shifter feeling abandoned by her brother after he finds his mate & Tori, a human who's been dreaming of a man, that she finally gets to meet I can't wait to read wh [...]

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