Tempted by the Bear: Part 1

Tempted by the Bear Part SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION WITH A BONUS SECTION Readers didn t want Called by the Bear to end and it didn t In this edition you get Tempted by the Bear Part AND The Complete part edition of Called b

  • Title: Tempted by the Bear: Part 1
  • Author: V. Vaughn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tempted by the Bear: Part 1

    SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION WITH A BONUS SECTION Readers didn t want Called by the Bear to end, and it didn t In this edition you get Tempted by the Bear Part 1 AND The Complete 9 part edition of Called by the Bear, the first season of The Northeast Kingdom Bears Annie Le Roux Tristan De Rozier s so hot he might be the reason his glacier s melting under his polar bearSPECIAL LIMITED EDITION WITH A BONUS SECTION Readers didn t want Called by the Bear to end, and it didn t In this edition you get Tempted by the Bear Part 1 AND The Complete 9 part edition of Called by the Bear, the first season of The Northeast Kingdom Bears Annie Le Roux Tristan De Rozier s so hot he might be the reason his glacier s melting under his polar bear feet But he turns mate attraction into a curse when his very presence makes my blood boil in anger Figures he s my true mate Isabelle De Rozier When a polar bear clan lives in fear of extinction it s easy to make a deal with the devil and move to Maine Tristan and I didn t count on discovering the woman that we ll betray is also his true mate This changes everything After a lifetime of Tristan taking care of me, now it s up to me to take care of business.

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    One thought on “Tempted by the Bear: Part 1

    1. Hollie

      This is one of those books where I had to go back to the listing upon closure to ensure I read the same thing everyone else did. On this book has 62 reviews with an overall rating of 4.8 stars. I just wasn’t impressed. Perhaps I would have enjoyed this book had it been offered as one story, but this short, part 1, was a letdown. Here is my breakdown:The pros:* It was offered as a kindleunlimited* The sex was pretty steamyThe cons:* This was only a 61 page book and I feel the abundance of char [...]

    2. Mandy

      Annie lost her true mate in a clan war and never expected to find another one much less be the one who will unite two clans. Annie may have a hard time denying her connection to Tristan but she isn't going to just submit and be the meek little mouse he wants. She's strong stubborn and determined to not let him tell her what to do. She's willing to wait it out till he starts to treat her how she wants to be treated.I like Annie she bakes which I think is a good quality because it sounds like she [...]

    3. Roxie's Reviews

      "Polar opposites"I fell in love with "Called by the Bear series" now this spin off of it is just as amazing!. The story line is awesome and the characters are fantastic!. The Le Roux clan has had its share of problems. From low birth rates to mates getting killed. Then they discovered a way to summon mates that have shifter blood in them. Carly and her best friend were the first chosen. Carly mated with the Alpha Brady and now has been chosen to find other chosen. Then they had problems with the [...]

    4. Kristy

      I was given an ARC of 'Tempted by the Bear- part 1' from V. Vaughn, in exchange for an honest review.What an intense new series, a continuation from the "Called by the Bear" series. I was quickly drawn into this book, loving the dynamics of what was occuring whilst I was reading. Although I feel as though I am missing some vital information by not reading the first series I will rectify that problem before part 2 of the series comes out. So much informtion is spinning around, the secrets, the st [...]

    5. Sherill

      CAPTIVATING & ROMANTIC!!Tempted by the Bear-Part 1- is the birth of a new series-a continuation of the series Called To The Bear Series are fabulous, you get acquainted with all the awesome characters and the characters in this series are powerful, sultry and exhilarating.The story features, Annie Le Roux, a curvaceous, sassy bear shifter who lives with haunting memories; Tristan De Rozier a sultry, strapping, powerful alpha polar bear shifter who wants to prevent his clan from extinction; I [...]

    6. Cheri

      GOT ME IN ONE! Yes, Ms Vaughn has captured me once again. I loved Called by the Bear and eagerly awaited each part. Now I have a new addiction with Tempted by the Bear. I always enjoy revisiting old friends from previous series. And part one starts out just that way. Annie was a favorite character, I mourned her previous loss of her true mate, thinking she could find happiness with another and then losing that as well. Now she has a second chance at a True Mate. Tristan. But Tristan isn't what h [...]

    7. Amber Tucker

      Suspense! Pulled me right in!Annie is a very strong bear shifter, she is barren, has suffered the loss of her true mate, and loss in her clan. Tristen is an alpha polar bear shifter willing to do whatever it takes to save his clan from extinction. It seems perfect on the outside, Annie has another chance at love, a second true mate in Tristen! But there seems to be more going on with Tristen and his sister Isabelle than everyone knows about. Annie notices little things here and there, but figure [...]

    8. Melissa King

      What great beginning and continuation of Called by the Bears. This book has so much to offer readers. For example: a phenomenal cast of detailed characters, a attention grabbing plot, and details that make every page worth the read. We still have some great characters from Called by the Bears like Annie LeRoux plus two new characters Tristan and Isabelle DeRozier. Tristan is a polar bear shifter who is trying to prevent his clan from extinction. While also trying to find his true mate. Who he ha [...]

    9. Linda

      There are a lot of secrets to be revealed in this new series featuring the characters from Called by the Bear. We start this next exciting series with Annie and Tristan. Annie lost one mate and has now been given the opportunity for another. She should be thrilled and eager to commit to Tristan but she is not. She is turned off by his behavior and wondering what she did to deserve him for a mate. Tristan is arrogant and willing to do what it takes to get what he wants. He and his sister are keep [...]

    10. Barbara Stoker

      I received this book as a arc for my honest opinion. Tempted by the bear is a spin off series or I like to think of it as another branch in the family tree of Called by the Bear. Annie is a bear shifter who met her true mate Tristan in called by the bear. Tristan is a polar bear alpha and he is looking to make a deal /steal of a lifetime. His bears are dying out and need a new home, so Tristan and his twin sister Isabella are coming to Annie's brother and alpha for help. Yet Tristan never counte [...]

    11. Cilicia White

      This is the first book in a new series. It is a continuation from the the series Called to the Bear but has a whole new set of main characters. This one one follows Annie whose new True Mate to Tristian, a Polar Bear that comes to Maine to find a new home for his dwindling clan. Along with his twin sister Isabelle they are plotting something that can and will change their new home forever. We will also get to see all of the characters from the last series and some will get their mates in this on [...]

    12. Pam Louis

      This series in no your normal guy meets girl, they fall in love true mates and all that stuff. Nope V. Vaughn has tossed in mystery and possibly of betrayal. So does true love win all guess we find out! Annie Le Roux is the sister of the alpha of their pack. Her first true mate died. She was convicted she would just live her life as an aunt that is until Tristan De Rozier shows up. Her second chance at a true mate but as I read I am not so sure he is all he shows everyone. He might not be a good [...]

    13. Christine Croke

      This book just caught me from the first chapter & never let go. I had a hard time putting the book down. Annie Le Roux is the sister to an Alpha and True Mate to Tristian. There are a lot of secrets that come with Tristian and his sister Isabelle. Annie knows something is going on but cant resist the pull of her True Mate no matter how brutish he is being. Tristian knows he has to be this way with everyone for the future of his clan. The steaminess of the interplay between Tristian and Annie [...]

    14. Sheryl

      I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author V. Vaughn. This is part 1 of a new series by the author.Annie Le Roux has a second chance at true love when Tristan De Rozier comes into her life. But things are a little tense when Tristan shows an arrogant side around her. Tristan's sister Isabelle has to take matters into her own hands for the good of the De Rozier clan when she feels he is starting to care about Annie and he might not proceed with the plan.Wonderful new characte [...]

    15. Kristine (A Cozy Booknook)

      I loved this book for several reasons 1) It's a great story that will quickly grab your attention and keep you reading. Ms. Vaughn has begun to build a foundation for the story that will be unfolding, I can't wait to see what happens. 20 If you haven't read the previous season, don't fret! Ms Vaughn has graciously included it. You could, if you wanted, read this as a stand-alone. The backstory is provided, but it will have you wanting to read the previous season. 3) I'm a sucker for a good story [...]

    16. D Thomas

      Tempted by the Bear - Part 1 by V. VaughnEven though I haven't read the first serial, Called by the Bear, I didn't have any problems reading this book. I am a person that likes to read things in order, so all I did was make some notes so I could connect people and things that were talked about. I wasn't always a huge fan of serials. The first few I read I wasn't to happy with, but now, I have found a lot of enjoyment in them. Ms. Vaughn has done a wonderful job of carrying this one on and making [...]

    17. Sharon Hatt

      Annie has a chance at love again, a second true mate never happens but who did she anger to get Tristian? Since welcoming Tristian and Isabelle, Annie has been turned upside down with lust and frustration; she is sure Tristian is not who he portrays himself to be but can’t figure him out. Isabelle also seems to be acting out of character and the clan is starting to wonder if Tristian and Isabelle DeRozier are up to no good. Can completing the bonding ritual bring out the real Tristian and if i [...]

    18. Ingrid Stephanie Jordan

      Title:    Tempted by the Bear Part One Author:            V. Vaughn Reviewed by: Stephanie Jordan ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡Here is another Series by Ms. Vaughn that's to die for. As I kept reading her pen just flowed through each page and every chapter, making me fall in love with the characters.Annie Le Roux of the Le Roux Clan was widowed now for two years from her true mate Kyle who was killed with her father when fighting broke out wi [...]

    19. Johanna Rae

      I tried really hard to enjoy this book, but it wasn't for me. I am not a big fan of books told in present tense, but I thought it sounded like an interesting read, so I was determined to give it a try. I couldn't even finish it. Having it told from a first person point of view, and then switching from character to character, also made it hard to get into. IMHO, if the book had been told in third person, and past tense, it would have been easier to absorb. Unfortunately the combination of the abo [...]

    20. Denise H.

      Book 1) ting. This series continues from Called By The Bear, and if you haven't read those, you may be confused. Annie can't have kids, but Tristan has three and wants the land and power, so he thinks they should mate, but something is odd about him. Tristan is "playing her like a fiddle", and she's clueless. There is a underlying evil with him and his sister, who is hooking up with Luke. As I recall Luke from the previous series has a chip on his shoulder and revenge in his heart. It's all very [...]

    21. Luzmaria Morneault-welton

      Another great series by V. Vaughn. I really enjoyed this series. Each story was packed with so much in such a short period of time. So well written and enjoyed every part of it. You don't often find shot stories to have such great plots as this book and series does. Usually there's not enough time to fit it all in, in a short read but somehow she made it work. It seems like with each book it gets better. I only wished the books were longer. A great enjoyable mini read an an excellent series. Mos [...]

    22. Vi

      Tristan, alpha polar bear clan leader and his sister, Isabelle, are on Bear Mountain to save their clan from extinction. The Le Roux clan has agreed to help. But, the polar bears seem to have a hidden agenda. Isabelle is even keeping secrets from Tristan. He has found his true mate in Annie Le Roux. Has Isabelle found hers in a Le Roux kinsman? What diabolical schemes are planned for the Le Roux clan?There's a lot of action and drama in this first book! Enough to keep you wondering and guessing [...]

    23. Helen Martins

      Received the book for an honest review. Tempted by the Bear is a great start to a new series by V. Vaughn. Great storyline that captivates you from the first page with likeable and loveable characters. Annie Le Roux has a second chance at love with Tristian De Rozier, but she senses that he has many secrets that may affect her and her clan. Can't wait to see what Ms. Vaughn has up,her sleeve for part two.

    24. Kimberly Walden

      Wolf shifter series - Not a standalone book. Kindle Unlimited cliffhanger series. Slow start but I'm wondering what they're hiding and hoping they don't hurt herHer brother has found love, a mate, and has a family. She lost her mate and is given another one but he's hiding a secret!!

    25. Patti

      Overall rating: 4.5These characters are a continuation from another series by this author so I would recommend starting from the beginning. Being able to breeze through this book was a given, because I ended the previous series definitely wanting to know more about these characters as well as discover which tangent thisSeries would pick up at. In this start, it seems the pair of characters that should be together are off to a very rocky start. This author did a wonderful job of layering more mys [...]

    26. Theresa

      Great startLovin this next set of books, as always the author keeps,you guessing as to what's gonna happen next. Yes, have to be read in order. You could start with this but highly recommend you start with the Called By the Bear series first. All on KU :)

    27. Larissa

      Catch it in full at ♀BOOKWORM.When reaching 38% it felt like Annie's story was over and more was to come, obviously, but it felt like reading one of those super short books authors publish and four days later, part 2 is available for purchase. This one seemed to be combined in one pack, and ended with a tiny cliffhanger for more short stories. Not sure if I liked the premise of that. There's so much more going on, obviously. Too many characters entwined, too many secrets and plans in the makin [...]

    28. Beth Schafer

      I received this book as an arc for my honest opinion. Tempted by the Bear-Part 1- is the birth of a new series-and a continuation of the series Called To The Bear. Holy cow this series just keeps getting better and better. Annie is a girl after my own heart. She has been through so much, she lost her true mate, and her family is cursed so females can't get pregnant. She watches her family and friends fall in love and have babies. All she wants is to love someone and be loved back. Then you have [...]

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