Highland Intrigue - Inspirational Version

Highland Intrigue Inspirational Version Lady Gillian MacLennan s clan needs a leader but the last person on earth she wants as their laird is Fingal Maclan She can neither forgive nor forget that his mother killed her father and by doing

  • Title: Highland Intrigue - Inspirational Version
  • Author: Ceci Giltenan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Highland Intrigue - Inspirational Version

    Lady Gillian MacLennan s clan needs a leader, but the last person on earth she wants as their laird is Fingal Maclan She can neither forgive nor forget that his mother killed her father, and, by doing so, created Clan MacLennan s current desperate circumstances King David knows a weak clan, without a laird, can change quickly from a simple annoyance to a dangerous liabilLady Gillian MacLennan s clan needs a leader, but the last person on earth she wants as their laird is Fingal Maclan She can neither forgive nor forget that his mother killed her father, and, by doing so, created Clan MacLennan s current desperate circumstances King David knows a weak clan, without a laird, can change quickly from a simple annoyance to a dangerous liability, and he cannot ignore the turmoil The MacIan s owe him a great debt, so when he makes Fingal MacIan laird of clan MacLennan and requires that he marry Lady Gillian, Fingal is in no position to refuse In spite of the challenge, Fingal is confident he can rebuild her clan, ease her heartache and win her affection However, just as love awakens, the power struggle takes a deadly turn Can he protect her from the unknown long enough to uncover the plot against them Or will all be lost, destroying the happiness they seek in each other s arms This book was originally released as Highland Intrigue This version contains no explicit sexual scenes Contains mild swearing.

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      313 Ceci Giltenan
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    One thought on “Highland Intrigue - Inspirational Version

    1. April ♥"LOS" ♥

      I've enjoyed every book in the Duncurra series and this one was no different. While Gillian and Fingal may not have gotten off on the right foot, they both did what they had to for their clan. Watching these two fall in love and overcome the obstacles before them was incredibly sweet.

    2. Clarice

      The clan needed a strong leader, Lady Gillian MacLennan knew that. Then King David arranged to have Gillian marry Fingal MacLan. The son of the woman who killed her father. They both are in no position to refuse the King David. In spite of the challenge Fingal is sure that he can rebuild their clan, ease her heartache, and the win her affections, however, there is someone out to destroy their new found happiness.

    3. Boundless Book Reviews

      Fingal MacIan has been commanded by the King to become Laird of Brathanead. His birth father, Malcolm, had deceived the MacIan clan and for years had kept the secret that he was really Fingal's birth father. Now, Brathanead is under a woman's leadership and the clan is falling apart. Gillian MacLennan, the current Leader of the clan is in no way prepared to care for her clan alone. When the King orders her to marry Fingal she is less than thrilled at the prospect, but to help the people of her c [...]

    4. Claudia

      This is the third book in this series and Ceci Giltenan gets better with each book. nearly everything I did not really like in the first two books was improved in this one and I can't wait to read the next one in this series. I definitely hope it is not too long till it will be publishedthough the first two books have their weaknesses, they are also very good reads and this third book would not be as much fun as it is without knowing the characters from the other booksFingal is the hero I hoped [...]

    5. Reba

      3.8 stars! . These 3 books were amazing. Loved all the characters, the Romance (G rated but good) , the mystery and the continued characters from story to story. Female leads were great no annoying females here. HEA, epilogue s, set in highlands of Scotland. So if historical romance s are your cup of tea one click buy, but recommend read in order.

    6. Barbee

      Ceci Giltenan continues to leave me spellbound weaving her trail of exceptional books that are absolutely magnificent the ones that stay with you long after you have read it. Yes, Highland Intrigue is definitely one of those kind of books.In this book fan of Ms. Giltenan's will remember the endearing character Fingal MacIan from her debut book Highland Solution. Fingal is the brother of Laird Niall MacIan. When Fingal found out he and Niall had different fathers. Fingal was devastated and heartb [...]

    7. Judith Sherrod

      Highland IntrigueHaving met Fingal in book one, I was pleasantly surprised to find him back at the MacLennan keep. Gillian was acting Laird of this weakened clan. When married, both were beset by accidents. It tooktwo clans to get to the bottom of the accidents.

    8. Holly

      I enjoyed the book and found it just as sweet as the first two in the series. I think that I am getting a bit bored with the repetitive theme, and will take a break from further books in this series. I may revisit one day

    9. Shantie Annie Khemraj

      Ever since the very first story (Highland Solution) in this thrilling series, Fingal has captured my heart instantly! I am very pleased to know this caring, humbled & very strong hero finally has his own story! I have read many Scottish Romances but no hero has ever captured my heart & soul as FIngal did. He is the definition of perfection & has showed us over & over how perfect he is.This is a story worth reading every word of but I advised readers to start at the very beginning [...]

    10. Samantha

      Can a forced marriage save a clan in disarray?Picking up in the aftermath of where Book 1 of the Duncurra series leaves off, Clan MacLennan has descended into total disarray. Following former Laird Malcolm MacLennan's betrayal of rival Laird Niall MacIan whom he had previously treated like a son, then tried to overthrow in a disastrous failed bid to seize Duncurra and annex the MacIan lands for his heretofore unacknowledged illegitimate son, Fingal MacIan, Clan MacLenannan is left weakened and l [...]

    11. Barbara Rogers

      Duncurra series - book 3 - by Cecil GiltenanThis series just got better and better with each book. If you read the first two books, you'll be familiar with the endearing Fingal MacIan. Fingal was devastated and heart broken when he discovered (in the first book) that he and Niall had different fathers. He's still dealing with the insecurities and heartbreak from that in this book.Fingal's real father (Laird Malcolm MacLennan) was the villain in the first book of the series and when he died as a [...]

    12. Mom23greatboys

      I have found a new favorite author! I picked up the first book in this series Highland Surrender as part of a collection with other great medieval era authors. I had never read any of Ms. Giltenan' books but I've been devouring her ever since. I enjoyed the first two books in the series but this book was by far the best. The first two books were alittle predictable and left me slightly feeling like I'd read them before. The books are well written without annoying grammar errors. There's just eno [...]

    13. Lorrie

      I truly enjoyed this book. It caught my attention immediately and held it to the end. It's a wonderful slow-paced love story where Fingal, by order of the King is to marry Gillian, a chieftain of a neighboring clan who has been launched into that position since there were no male heirs after her father's and aunt's deaths. The problem is that Fingal's mother murdered Gillian's father. He knows he will be hated by his new wife but cannot go against the King's request. I loved his patience with Gi [...]

    14. Nicole Laverdure

      I love Ceci Giltenan's series Duncurra! I have read her previous books Highland Solution and Highland Courage and found them fantastic. Well, this author has done it again, she got me trapped into her third book Highland Intrigue, Gillian and Fingal's story. Lots of ups and downs but beautiful chemistry between the two. It's the story of Lady Gillian MacLennan, who has to marry Fingal MacIan, laird of the clan MacLennan, upon the King's order; if she refuses, she will be sent to a convent and on [...]

    15. Patricia

      A ROMANCE WRAPPED UP IN A MYSTERYI met this author in an anthology, and fell in love.This story is, like the others I have read, finely crafted. The characters developed quickly, making it easier to become lost in the book. The initial, apparent plot changed fairly quickly to a much more complex mystery, and I was more than a little bit surprised by the identity of the actual villain.Like most good stories, there are poignant moments, and there are times the story makes you laugh. And a few very [...]

    16. Séverine

      A really good book. For me, the best of the serie.I loved the characters, the story, the plot.It is a story I will be happy to reread because I really felt what the characters lived, was really immersed in the period with their way to live, their customs, their beliefsI enjoyed hugely this book,also because it was a clean book and that I am able to recommand it to anyone I want without having to fear to shock them.Thanks Mrs Giltenan for this serie of books, to allow us to read wonderful stories [...]

    17. Maria

      I can sincerely say, I truly loved this story. The characters were so likeable. I loved the intrigue throughout this entire story. I did not want to put this book down. Fingal and Gillian were great together. Gillian is to be married to Fingal as directed by the king, if not she can go into a relgious order or one of her sisters can marry Fingal. There were so many twists in turns that I was never bored. I enjoyed having the other characters from the other books involved in this story. The descr [...]

    18. Sam Spencer

      To call this book intriguing would be to sorely sell it short.I love these characters and though I yelled "TELL THE DAMN TRUTH LANA." for the second half of the book that does not discount such.As with the other two books. I found that this one revealed a truth about human nature that was often discounted.It is seldom easy to learn that your parents are only human. There was also the bit about how secrets have a tendency to come back and bite you when you least expect it which I found particular [...]

    19. Kimi Court

      Lady Gillian MacLennan's clan needs a leader, but the last person on earth she wants as their laird is Fingal Maclan. This book has a great story line and some really good twists. I loved Fingal and so happy he got his book. The story keeps you interested and you get pulled into it. Fingal can be a bit hard headed and so can Gillian, but they were meant for each other and eventually they learn it. But the process is the fun part. You think you know who is doing all the bad things and you may be [...]

    20. Jeene Hobbs

      Fingal's turnThis third book in the series tells the story of Fingal and his bride, Gillian. Much like Niall in book 1, he marries the woman the king tells him to marry. He also become Laird MacLennan as Malcom's bastard son and Gillian's husband. Gillian hates him but will do what is best for the clan. Fingal is an amazingly patient man, more so than you might expect from book 1. Fingal doesn't want to marry or be the Laird, but he also understands his duty. I enjoyed this series. It has a huge [...]

    21. Anna

      Fungal and his LadyI love this series!! And this one did not disappoint. Full of suspense and intrigue, murder and mayhem, Fungal has to solve the mystery before his beloved dies. Being thrown into leadership of the clan and forced to marry Gillian, he must learn who he can trust. But as time passes and he grows to love his wife, threats against her and him become violent. Can he figure out who is behind them before it is too late? Is it another clan, or someone they trust in the midst

    22. Tracey Brown

      I have loved this series and am glad i found this author, this one had plenty of intrigue and plot twists.I loved the main characters and it was nice to catch up with some of the characters from the other books in the series.Although i did guess a few of the plot twists there were still surprises very well written and a good series loved it. I only wish there were more i will have to search for something else to read now.

    23. Cindy Larson

      LOVE!!!Absolutely fell in love with this book! I couldn't put it down, I got so engrossed I found myself wanting to warn Fingal or make suggestions. Crazy, maybe, but that's how captivating this book was. All the Duncurra novels were great but this was a tremendous story!! Love love love!!

    24. AWB

      Gillian was hard headed to the point of stupidity. Her hatred of the H was annoying, and her inner monologue was frustrating. Someone needed to shake the stupid out of her. Fingal was great, however about half way though the book I felt like he would have been better off shoving the h off a cliff and moving on to anyone else.

    25. Deba

      A delicious tale, "Highland Intrigue", the third novel in talented author Ceci Giltenan's Duncurra Book series, is a witty, passionate battle of wills. This enticing historical romance will captivate readers from the very beginningCombining passion, suspense, secrets, clever repartee, humor, betrayal, romance and love, Ms. Giltenan has penned a winner."

    26. Margo

      A forced marriage - to a man she swore to hate, or to the church. Gillian chooses the man but refuses to consummate the marriage. A series of near fatal accidents, secrets, and murders, leaves Fingal, another hot Highlander Laird, wondering who to trust while trying to rebuild the MacLennan clan. An exciting read. I read it in one sitting which meant I got little sleep.

    27. Ann Gonzalez

      I couldn't out this book down. I loved it as much as I did the other two. I liked Fingal so much in the first book. I am so glad he got a story. Fingal married Gillian because it was ordered by the king. Their love story makes a great book. Cecilia Giltenan is an excellent writer. I look forward to reading more of her books.

    28. Kathy Brickert

      Another wonderful story!Lovely story of the Highlands. I do enjoy this author! She gets it all right! Love how the epilogue shows you a glimpse into the future so you get a feel for how it all came together at the end.

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