Highland Solution - Inspirational Version

Highland Solution Inspirational Version Lady Katherine Ruthven finds herself forced into marriage to a stranger who has suffered only pain and heartbreak at the hands of women Laird Niall MacIan needs Katherine s dowry to relieve his clan

  • Title: Highland Solution - Inspirational Version
  • Author: Ceci Giltenan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Highland Solution - Inspirational Version

    Lady Katherine Ruthven, finds herself forced into marriage to a stranger who has suffered only pain and heartbreak at the hands of women Laird Niall MacIan needs Katherine s dowry to relieve his clan s crushing debt but he has no intention of giving her his heart in the bargain.Accepting what cannot be changed, Katherine works to serve Niall s clan and build a life with hLady Katherine Ruthven, finds herself forced into marriage to a stranger who has suffered only pain and heartbreak at the hands of women Laird Niall MacIan needs Katherine s dowry to relieve his clan s crushing debt but he has no intention of giving her his heart in the bargain.Accepting what cannot be changed, Katherine works to serve Niall s clan and build a life with him It takes no small amount of patience and forgiveness to show a difficult man with a damaged heart the meaning of unconditional love.Can the lovely and gentle Katherine mend his heart or will he allow the treachery of others to destroy them This book was originally published as Highland Solution This version closes the bedroom door and contains no explicit sexual scenes Contains mild swearing.

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    • Best Read [Ceci Giltenan] È Highland Solution - Inspirational Version || [Historical Fiction Book] PDF Á
      208 Ceci Giltenan
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    One thought on “Highland Solution - Inspirational Version

    1. Kathleen

      Good but not great. Since this is a new author -- Giltenan's début novel -- I will try to be thorough. The author shows potential. She writes well. Few typos. Good sentence structure. Not a lot of crude language. Some fairly hot love scenes. A coherent plot. A protective heroine very reminiscent of Julie Garwood's style, as in Ransom. Some lovable secondary characters. A well-developed Scottish setting, about 1380.This is a sweet Highlander story, very similar to Garwood's Saving Grace, because [...]

    2. Dianne

      It is hard to believe this is Ms Giltenan's first novel. It is an extremely well written book that held my attention from page one until I closed the book. I loved every aspect of this novel.More times than not these days I get frustrated by the ongoing conflict between lead characters, the misunderstandings and stubbornness of the heroine in particular. I was extremely pleased that none of my pet hates were found in this book. Yes, Niall had difficulties trusting people and on a few occasions h [...]

    3. Barbee

      This is truly a fabulous book one of the best I have read this year. If you like the historical writings of authors such as Diana Gabaldon, Laurin Wittig, Tanya Anne Crosby, Michelle Willingham, Suzan Tisdale, Tarah Scott and Terri Brisbin etc, then I guarantee you will love this awesome book! It is about the heroine Lowlander Wealthy heiress Lady Katherine Ruthven is given a choice by her physically abusive Uncle Ambrose either arranged marriage or the convent ordered by King David II himself. [...]

    4. Jenn

      In the end, Niall was too stupid to love. And honestly, his bad protecting skills, reason to listen or believe, bad judgement and judge of character skills, and temper are what killed the story for me.The story also dragged and glossed over the big battle So, even though I was loving this book and Niall's initial irritating traits It just got out of hand and I couldn't handle it any more and that's what made the cookie crumble.

    5. Tin

      Disclosure: I received a review copy from the author. Yes, this is an honest review.* * *Niall MacIan's estate is on the brink of ruin, brought about by the extravagance of Niall's stepmother, Eithne. Desperate to save Duncurra and people, Niall seeks the help of King David II, who comes up with a solution: wed Katherine Ruthven and gain her dowry. Despite the rumors about Katherine, about her lack of looks and wits, Niall agrees to the bargain.Though she is an heiress and mistress of Cotharach [...]

    6. Amanda Richardson

      4.5 stars, I really liked this book. How can you not LOVE a good highlander story? Hero was awesome, he wanted to close off his heart, but he couldn't. Heroine was great, she suffered under her uncle's rule, but she was smart and loyal and took care of a stable boy that needed her help. Villains were fun to hate. Oh, the scene when her mother-in-law shows up! Kind of reminded me of Julie Garwood's older highlander novels, maybe a little steamier, but not much. This book is really close to landin [...]

    7. Sha Mslvoe

      It was a great fast read. I would give 5 stars if Niall don't be sooo bloody idiot! I was furious with him. He was totally blind, always misjudged and aaaahhhh idiot!! I really liked the heroin, Katherine. Thumbs up with her caring and sweet towards others. Oh and I love Finlay too. Ok next book please. I'm hoping the best story of Tadhg Matheson.

    8. Anna (Bobs Her Hair)

      3.5/5 starsPossession of an abundant dowry and bonny appearance hasn’t brought suitors to Lady Katherine Ruthven’s Lowland castle or spared her from her uncle’s cruelty. When presented with the choice of entering a convent or marrying Niall MacIan, Katherine chooses the Highland laird. Their unexpectedly passionate wedding kiss seems promising, but Niall has experienced a woman’s duplicity. Highland raids, treacherous whispers, and a suspicious heart – all these factors could lead to m [...]

    9. Kimi Court

      This is the authors first time out writing a historical romance, you wont be disappointed either. This book is great. I love all the characters and hope she continues with this into a series. I really like the story itself. You think you would hate having an arranged marriage, but sometimes things work out that way for the better, even with evil uncles and stepmother on your back. The book has twists, turns and a great story line. You will love this book.

    10. Heather

      It was an emotional page turner from the moment Katherine had to give up her beloved horse Stormy to the very end. I can't wait for book 2.

    11. Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder*

      3.5I never read Highlander romance, but I was in a reading challenge where I needed an easy read with someone wearing a kilt on the cover. Enter: Highlander romanceBetter than I figured, Giltenan's writing style was smooth and natural. Dialogue didn't annoy, even including the "ye". Kilts were mentioned once or twice but nothing newsworthy. The storyline was strong for a romance as well - Katherine as the headstrong but loyal girl is sent off by a demented Uncle that beat her and used for money, [...]

    12. Nicole Laverdure

      Captivating Highland romance 5 starsI love Scottish romance and Ceci Giltenan's book HIGHLAND SOLUTION was perfect for me. This is the first book that I read written by this author. I really enjoyed it and loved her characters Niall, a Highland laird, and Katherine, a kind and brave woman. Both had been forced to marry, but the moment he saw her, he wanted her. However, Katherine had a secret, she had been abused in the past and had become a fragile person. Niall, being an alpha male highlander [...]

    13. Ann/Alba

      It has been a LONG while since I have read a book in 2 days, Highland Solution captured me from the beginning,I truly enjoyed Neil & Katherine's Journey,Katherine was easy to love from beginning Neil Not so much (JK ) their were times when I wanted to smack him he was So desperate for Love that he overlooked what was FREELY given from His Clan His EEleet Guard (Thomas was a wee Gem) & yes His bride & adopted son.This will not be the last book I read of Ceci's I am looking forward to [...]

    14. Zoe

      good book but not great, it's a fact. I think the story was strong for 70% but fell short in the last 30%. plots are predictable and the last 30% just was a little boring. but I have to say I enjoyed reading the book. it's not a blah book. it's a book that could have been really great.

    15. Cristina

      This one is entirely my fault because I'm in the mood for a bit more. I know that doesn't make sense but didn't hold my interest. Next. (I won't be rating it as I didn't get past chapter 1)

    16. Carolyn

      This is my third read of this book. I received an ARC in December 2013. I enjoyed it just as much the second (2014) and third times (2017) I read it. Definitely a keeper!

    17. Debra Lambert Stone

      Fantastic story. I really enjoyed it. I am so looking forward to reading more from this author. I greatly appreciate her for gifting it to me. THANK YOU!

    18. Kristi

      I really enjoyed this book. Good story line. I didn't want to stop reading and now look forward to the rest of the series.

    19. Clarice

      Niall MacIan needed funds to save his clan. Lady Katherine needs saving for a uncle, who hopes to have it all. Title, land and her monies. Little did they both know that they would need each other. By helping each mend from their own scars, and the treachery of others.

    20. Barbara Rogers

      I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is the first book in Ceci Giltenan's Duncurra series. I'm looking forward to reading the other books in this series! The story is fast paced and exciting and you don't know where all of the villainy is coming from until you are well into the book. The characters are well developed and the good guys are really likable and the bad guys are really loathsome. Sometimes you have a bad guy in a book that is bad, but somewhat redeemable -- not these -- they are really [...]

    21. Leah

      Scotland, 1359Niall needs a wife and Katherine is told by the King to either marry or go to a convent. Since the day her father died, Katherine's uncle has been trying to take over Cothrach Castle. As soon as they wed, they set off for Duncurra. Katherine has stole away the young stable lad knowing she will be able to protect him this way. Her uncle, Lord Ruthvan, has been beating her and Tomas. Niall finds them both covered in whip marks when they stop for a rest. He realizes, too, that's the r [...]

    22. Bespectacledreader

      I read this book right after I gave my review for Highland Courage. I must say that I am happy that this story is well-written than the second installment. I keep on wondering what happened to Ceci Giltenan when she finalized Highland Courage because there are a lot of characters swarming with no obvious end yet. Maybe it is because the author would want to continue their story in another book - which is welcomed- but it would be better if she could write the characters in a way that readers wou [...]

    23. Barbara Rogers

      Highland Solution (Duncurra #1)I believe this is my first book by Ceci Giltenan, but it definitely won't be my last. It is a very well written, fast paced book that is full of excitement, intrigue, family strife, love and forgiveness.Also, let me tell you that I bought this book through and got it with Whispersync. If you haven't tried that it is GREAT. With this being a highlands book, there are a number of gaelic words included and with Whispersync, you can listen to the audio for a while and [...]

    24. Xiamera

      Reviewing as I read because I'm keeping track of what I'm taking off stars for. Starting at 5/5 4/5: Niall isn't even trying to change. And it's taking him too long to correct his mistakes when he should know how Katherine is by now. 3/5: Niall's irrational jealously and still no explanation why he distrusts Fingal that I've seen. (view spoiler)[(88% he admits Fingal has never given him a readon). Katherine has up to 62% never given Niall a reason to distrust her and he trusts an old family frie [...]

    25. Boundless Book Reviews

      Lady Katherine Ruthven has been under the care of her cruel uncle since the death of her parents. She is wealthy and her uncle means to have her title and lands. When Laird Niall MacIan comes forth offering to marry her he chooses so for her money, not for her love. He needs her dowry to help fund his clan. He has no intention of letting a woman hurt him again. He tries his hardest to keep her from stealing his heart, but soon he can't help it. Soon a conspiracy to kill Niall and take Duncurra i [...]

    26. Anna

      If you have never read anything by Ceci Giltenan then you must read this book. No all is forced into marriage by the king. Betrayed by a woman he loved, he has no trust. His stepmother is another bad example of women and she is also untrustworthy. Lady Katherine is given a choice. Marry the Laird or enter the convent. Marrying the same day, they leave for home the next day. Their attraction is off the charts but he says his heart will never be available. Katherine falls in love with the stubborn [...]

    27. Claudia

      I really liked this Book and I am sorry that it iS only 3,5 stars but there were some things which really bothered meKatherine is a great heroine with a Big Heart and a Lot of compassion for the people around her. She adjusts well to her new circumstances and finds her way in the highland clan. She iS strong but turns sometimes to meek in front of Neill which iS disturbing.I had more Troubles with Neill. He could have been a great Hero as well but Till the end he did not loose his way of making [...]

    28. Reba

      3.5 stars. I love reading books set in Ireland and Scotland. Most higlanders are gorgeous, alpha, men who protect their love and family with everything they have. This book was a good read, had a good story and most characters were very likable. However I'm giving this book only 3.5 stars because our Highlander was neither possessive or very trusting. He believed the worst about our h and his brother believing the worst people over those he supposedly loved. This lasted basically the WHOLE book! [...]

    29. Wild_irish_rose

      I really enjoyed this book and have added it to my TBR Again pile. I had a few moments of concern with the hero always choosing to believe the worst of his wife and brother, but when presented with the truth at least he admitted he'd been wrong. I liked that we saw life in the highlands as a challenge rather than idyllic and love is a bumpy journey.

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