Redeemed Mail Order bride seeks wealthy Western man Write Mona Sommers Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Alexander Granger is tired of his father s lectures and sermons It s time for payback His plan is to pretend to

  • Title: Redeemed
  • Author: Faith Blum
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Redeemed

    Mail Order bride seeks wealthy Western man Write Mona Sommers, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Alexander Granger is tired of his father s lectures and sermons It s time for payback His plan is to pretend to marry a woman and scandalize his father when he finds out they aren t really married Will Mona accept his offer Can Alex get away with his plan

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    One thought on “Redeemed

    1. Leanne

      Alexander Granger is tired of listening to all of his father's lectures. He wants to do things his way and not have to hear about how his father says things should be done. So in a attempt to get payback Alex comes up with a plan that will scandalize his father. By pretending to married a woman only for his father to find out later that they were never really married. Alex finds a mail order bride add for a woman out in Pennsylvania. And He hopes she will agree to his plan. But even if she does [...]

    2. Faith

      My rating: 3.5 stars This was another good, short novella by Faith Blum. Alex and Mona are really sweet and such a cute couple. I really liked the character of Alex's father. However, I didn't enjoy it as much as "I Love Thee" for several reasons. Parts of it confused me. For one thing, who is Charlotte?! This is not made clear until literally the END of the story. I assumed she was their housekeeper, (though I don't know why, other than who else would she be?) but that wasn't actually TOLD unti [...]

    3. Deborah

      I was surprisingly impressed. I don't know what I was expecting when I started this book, but I wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did.Now of course, it is a short story so it does have the "rush feel" to the writing, but the storyline is just so precious that it draws the reader in despite that fact and leaves them begging for more.It wasn't a new top favorite for me just because of my personal opinion, but it was added to one of my favorite lists. Read it if you love short, western, Chr [...]

    4. Amanda Tero

      As chapter after chapter progressed with Alex's scheme to "feign a marriage," I was like, "This isn't really happening?!" and couldn't stop because I was so intrigued. The end of chapter six, especially, had me shaking my head in disbelief. How was it all going to turn out? When would Alex's and Mona's eyes be opened?"Redeemed" was a very easy-paced and easy-to-read novella and had an enjoyable plot with a satisfying ending.

    5. Hanna

      I'm embarrassed that I began this before finishing Flowers, but at least I was able to read this quickly. ;)This book had an interesting writing style. I liked the idea of a proud son, but at first I couldn't tell that Clarence was a Christian and Alexander wasn't. I also felt that Alexander's character wasn't developed a whole lot. Although it wasn't really my writing style, it was a sweet mail-order-bride story nonetheless.

    6. Esther

      I love Redeemed! It was such a fun Novella and fit nicely into the Hymns of the West series! Mona and Alex were so cute! Overall, it was a wonderful story of faith in the old west! If only Novellas were longer I look forward to reading more of Faith Blum's books in the future! I received a free copy of Redeemed when I subscribed to Faith Blum's website. :D

    7. Bhriv

      Redeemed is a novella about Alex who is a rich ranchers son who has been spoiled his whole life. He wasted his fathers money on drinking and gambling and decides he's going to find a way to get what he wants from his fatheray from the ranch. He decides to get a mail order bride to agree to a fake marriage so he can get money from his father and live his life his own way. Will Mona, his mail order bride, be able to pull off the fake marriage or will they be stuck together in a loveless marriage? [...]

    8. Linda Rainey

      Redeemed is a Christian Western Historical Romance by Faith Blum.This is the story of Alexander that is a spoiled son of a wealthy rancher.who sets out to scandalize his Father because he is tired of his lectures.He concocts a scheme to fake a marriage with a mail order bride but it backfires.I loved how Alexander finds the error of his ways and how he and is bride find a life on the ranch.A copy of this book was given in exchange for an honest reviews

    9. Robin

      This is a mail order bride western with a twist. Alexander is a spoiled brat and wants a bride to irritate his father. Mona wanted a rich man to marry. What happens when these two meet and marry is a totally engaging short story which I highly recommend. I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

    10. Glaidene Ramsey

      Historical Western Romance The first book I have read written by Faith Blum. 5 star's is my rating for this book. The heroine's ideas about riches are changed after meeting her fiancee. Enjoy reading this book, I did!!!!!!

    11. Bethany

      This turned out somewhat better than I had first expected, but there was still some content in it that I didn't feel comfortable with.

    12. Staci Adams

      I like a book that I can sit down in an evening and read all the way through. It has a good story line with a God centered message. Good job Faith Blum!

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