Shifterella and the Billionaire Bear

Shifterella and the Billionaire Bear To human waitress Eleanor the Asher Ball isn t the social event of the season just another work gig but when a mysterious older woman dresses curvy Eleanor up Eleanor becomes the belle of the ball

  • Title: Shifterella and the Billionaire Bear
  • Author: Sable Sylvan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 427
  • Format: ebook
  • Shifterella and the Billionaire Bear

    To human waitress Eleanor, the Asher Ball isn t the social event of the season, just another work gig, but when a mysterious older woman dresses curvy Eleanor up, Eleanor becomes the belle of the ball and catches the eye of Aspen Asher, billionaire bear shifter, heir to the Asher Lumber fortune.Tall, muscular werebear Aspen is tired of attending his mother s balls, but wheTo human waitress Eleanor, the Asher Ball isn t the social event of the season, just another work gig, but when a mysterious older woman dresses curvy Eleanor up, Eleanor becomes the belle of the ball and catches the eye of Aspen Asher, billionaire bear shifter, heir to the Asher Lumber fortune.Tall, muscular werebear Aspen is tired of attending his mother s balls, but when he meets the short curvy girl who introduces herself as Ella, he knows he s found his fated mate Kind, hardworking, and stunningly gorgeous, Ella is like nobody else he s ever met in his privileged world, and he knows she s the one.Of course, Eleanor s stepfamily refuses to allow anyone but their two tall, thin daughters near the shifter prince Can Eleanor and Aspen find true love while Eleanor s family works against her and tries to keep the two apart A turn of events forces Eleanor to live the ball early, before she has a chance to give Aspen her number Will she ever see Aspen again, and will she get her happily ever after, with the help of a little magic If you love sassy BBWs, bear shifters rock your world, and standalone novellas with NO cliffhangers are what get you going, then check out the rest of The Shifter Princes by Sable Sylvan, exclusively on

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      427 Sable Sylvan
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    One thought on “Shifterella and the Billionaire Bear

    1. Sh3lly ☽ Guardian of Beautiful Squids and Lonely Moons ☽

      Oh dear. This. This was pretty bad. If you read it as a comedy, however, it's actually quite funny in some parts.So yeah yeah, it's a Cinderella retelling with a female lead with evil stepsisters and stepmom who is a true BBW - a size 2XL. And she meets a billionaire bear shifter at a fancy "ball" who loves big women and they are fated to be mated and all that. HEA. Yada yada.The sex scenes? - "What are you doing” asked Eleanor."What every bear dreams of,” said Aspen, pushing the skirts and [...]

    2. Porchia

      I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. I enjoyed this story, did not want to put it down. Eleanor is a human girl whose father married a cat shifter and passed away leaving her guardianship to her stepmother. She is treated as a servant in her own home. Aspen is a bear shifter looking for his mate. His mother likes to throw balls to bring potential mates for him. Wonderful twist to the Cinderella story. Looking forward to the next one.

    3. Nickcole

      Rating: 4This was such a fun take on a Cinderella paranormal romance. I liked how the author kept true to the original story, but put her own fun touch on it. I can't wait to read the next book in the series.

    4. Jean Smith

      Definitely not your Disney Cinderella taleTypical Cinderella fair you have a dead father, wicked stepmother, spiteful step sisters, prince charming and an overworked abused Ella. Not so typical however is one steamy bear shifter billionaire in the role of prince charming, a manipulative mama bear and a loveable curvy human with a penchant for talking with geese. The talking with geese was rather Disneyesque but the rest of the story was far from it. These shifters are definitely not Disney sweet [...]

    5. D Thomas

      Shifterella And The Billionaire Bear (The Shifter Princes Book 1) by Sable SylvanI love these Fairytails with a twist. They are so much fun to read.Eleanor, who calls herself "Ella", is in a Cinderella position. Her father passed away and left her with her stepmother and two stepsisters. All of which happen to be cat shifters. Ella is human. She works two jobs as well as being maid at home, lives in the attic and is verbally abused by those she lives with.The Asher Ball is coming up, Ella will b [...]

    6. Cassandra

      My Thoughts - 5 out of 5 Unicorns - I loved it!!! ***Received a copy of the ebook for an honest reviewThe cover is very nice to look at ;)This is a new series and the first book, but it is set in the same world as Bear-y Spicy Fairy Tales. This is a novella, and it is for adults only due to the steamy content.This is a Cinderella twist with shifters, and I loved it! I started reading it and was pulled right into the story, and I couldn’t put it down. I stayed up way to late reading until I fin [...]

    7. iliana G

      I was given an ARC by the author for an honest reviewi really wanted to like the book but i can'tde the fact that we go through scenes as fast as the road runner we have information comming out of the blue that we didn't know.The switch of scenes at points are confusing and the sex scene is boring.The main character Eleanor upsets me how easily she trusts Asher .Also upsetting is Asher asking her all the time to trust him even when they have known each other for 5 mins.Repetition of same sentene [...]

    8. Debra Jones

      Shifterella and the Billionaire Bear is another fantastic take on a fairy tale by this amazing author! Ella was living a life at the mercy of her step-mother and two step-sisters, working hard at her job and then coming home and having to do chores around the house, plus being made to feel inferior and fat by her steps. But she finds time to go down to the park and feed the geese. She is a very warm and caring person. She goes to work at the shifter ball with one of the caterers and finds hersel [...]

    9. Kat

      A shifter Cinderella story that’s steamy hot! Eleanor's had to slave and scrimp just to survive since her father passed, leaving her under the rule of her evil shifter stepmother and two stepsisters. Trying to save money for college and a chance to escape her situation, her second job puts her in the position to be at the most exclusive, invitation only ball of the season – the Asher Ball. It seems magic is in the air, as she is told to change from her catering clothes into a custom made bal [...]

    10. Bella Doerres

      Shifterella and The Billionaire Bear by Sable SylvanEleanor Albertson has lost her father and now finds herself living with her horrid stepmother and her two equally horrible stepsisters. She is treated like a servant in her own home and well this life can really get a girl down. Working for a caterer has given Eleanor a way to save money and hopefully a way out of this mess. Now she finds out that the biggest event she will be catering is also the biggest one for a local Billionaire bear shifte [...]

    11. Cherish Robinson-smetek

      I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.I like this book & the fairy tale (tail) series. We all know the original stories so it's easy to read these with the twists that Sable has done to make these stories fit into the paranormal world of her storytelling. For this book - just like the original - Ella is the misused heiress to her father's estate but she doesn't know how to fight back other than trying to better herself by going to college. Unlike the original, our Prince h [...]

    12. Monica

      This is a different take on Cinderella. It was not bad but not great either. The word usage bothered me. I kept getting confused with Aspen's name because typically that is a girls name. At least some of the characters I've read before are females with that name. Then there was frikken used a lot. Babeally? Then honeypot in regards to her sex? Um ok. I think the story was ok and a little different but word usage and parts of the story were weird. Not a recommended read.

    13. Tamika Featherstone

      I received this book as an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. This is another great spin on a classic fairy tale with a modern twist. You have the evil step mother and step sisters, along with some other trouble makers and some unknown good helpers. I appreciate the fact that it's not your average "happy ever after" and there is some reality of life in the ending. I'm in love with this series and can't wait for more stories.

    14. Sharleen Wells

      So the love lives onSable Sylvan's stories are fairy tales for the modern woman. I love how she takes a tale we know so well and puts Hershey twist on it. Never disappoints

    15. Mary Winstead

      Eleanor was step child to a mean step mother and two twin sisters. So when she takes the catering job for the annual Asher ball she's worried, because her step sister's were invited. Upon arrival she is sent to a private room where the lady of the house makes her put on a dress. The lady of the house named Jessica tells Ella that if anything goes wrong with the party to get a hold of her son Aspen. When she has a problem and finds aspen. He's not what she thought. Aaron knows she's his fated mat [...]

    16. Cheryl Mcknight

      This is Aspen and Eleanor's story . First gotta say I do so love a book that can make me laugh out loud and at the same time make me want to know what is going to happen next !! And you got it this book does it all !! One of my favorite parts was the talking to the ducks !! Well written and strongly recommend !! Can not wait to pick up more from this series !

    17. Country Goose

      MehThe plot was too easy for what I craved, way too cheesy, and obnoxiously overly dramatic characters. It's a quick and easy read, so don't discount it as an option. It just wasn't what I like.

    18. Deborah

      Who's TruthfulThis is a quick story about a girl, a stepmother and step-sisters with a Cinderella bent. There is also a goose and a billionaire, cute. Enjoy I did.

    19. Cindy Caron

      What an awesome twist to a classic fairytale. The not so typical rags to riches story, Eleanor finds herself on a whirlwind course which starts in the park one night as she's feeding the geese. Little did she know she was feeding "Mother Goose", and that her life was about to turn topsy turvy real soon. Oh! And that bear that scared her out of her wits? Aspen has been looking for his fated mate for so long he's almost given up on finding her, that is, until his mother sets him up to be in the pa [...]

    20. Amanda Showalter

      Title: Shifterella And The Billionaire BearSeries: The Shifter PrincesNote: This is the first book in the series, but is a stand alone.Author: Sable SylvanThis is my review of Shifterella And The Billionaire Bear, book 3=1, in The Shifter Princes Series. I got this book in the series free in exchange for an honest review. This is the continuation of a great world and it can be read as a standalone with no cliffhanger ending, it is the whole story. Even though it says that it is The Shifter Princ [...]

    21. Yvonne Daniels

      Shifterella And The Billionaire Bear: A BBW Shifter Paranormal Romance The Shifter Princes Book 1by Sable Sylvan ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️WOW! Yes I will say I love a well written bear shifter book. This is a fantastic take on Cinderella story and it's a unique and interesting read. There are cute puns that are great. I love how she uses her writing to express sensual scenes by substituting words like honeypot and honey. I like her characters building. This is a fantastic book, given what I [...]

    22. Sue Riley

      Shifterella And The Billionaire Bear: A BBW Shifter Paranormal Romance Sable SylvanReviewed by SFF DragonI love this paranormal romance take on a beloved fairy tale. It made me laugh and I really can't wait for the next one.'Shifterella and the Billionaire Bear' is book one in The Shifter Princes series, a new paranormal romance take on old fairy stories intended for adults only, written by Sable Sylvan and I was given an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. I haven't read anything by this [...]

    23. Racy

      I think Sable Sylvan gets better and better on writing this series. We all know the Cinderella story. Well Sable has done an amazing job on this shifter story. Eleanor Albertson has a very evil shifter stepmother and 2 very evil shifter stepsisters. They loved humiliating and treating Eleanor like crap. Eleanor was this amazing human plus size woman. She was not one that had things handed down to her. She struggled just to get by. She worked really hard to save money in hopes to go to college. O [...]

    24. Bambi

      I really wanted to like this book and I came close butOkay first of all I will say I do like a good shifter book and I am not despite what maybe misjudged by the term romance books into those princess or having Somme rich guy sweep me off my feet storylines. This came up as an recommendation. Despite the title I read the description and decided to give it a try. I will say it was an interesting take on the whole Cinderella story and had enough unique components to make it an interesting read. T [...]

    25. Marie

      This review was originally posted on Blushing Reads My Thoughts I LOVE shifter romances! I really do and I was thrilled to get a chance to read Shifterella and The Billionaire Bear by Sable Sylvan. Ms. Sylvan's books have a fairy tale aspect to them in that she has taken classic fairy tales and reworked them with hot Shifter guys! This is the retelling of the classic Cinderella with a shifter twist that I think makes it even more perfect.  Eleanor could not have been more down to Earth and won [...]

    26. Cynthia Glass

      Fairytale Magic with a Modern and Shifter Touch !!!!!A modern up to date Cinderella fairytale. Ella is a curvy intelligent girl in a bad situation, upon the death of her father she is left with a horribly wicked step-mother and of course two spoiled step-sisters add to the mix they are cat shifters and hold on tight. Because Eleanore is human and curvy they treat her beyond contempt. Ella works two jobs to support herself while saving to attend University so that she can escape these abusive wom [...]

    27. Jenny Brightman Harris

      I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. In this book we meet Eleanor and Aspen. Eleanor is your typical Cinderella she cooks, she cleans, she works a job outside the house to have money for herself. So when she hears her her cougar shifter step-sisters talking about a ball she doesn't think twice about it she knows she doesn't have the time to go to one of those, work it maybe but attend no way. So when she gets a job as one of the caterers for the event and is asked by none other t [...]

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