Deadly Flowers: A Ninja’s Tale

Deadly Flowers A Ninja s Tale Kata a ninja embarks on her first solo mission for which she must enter a warlord s castle and make sure that a certain sleeping occupant never awakens But then Kata discovers that her target is ju

  • Title: Deadly Flowers: A Ninja’s Tale
  • Author: Sarah L. Thomson
  • ISBN: 9781629792149
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Deadly Flowers: A Ninja’s Tale

    Kata, a ninja, embarks on her first solo mission, for which she must enter a warlord s castle and make sure that a certain sleeping occupant never awakens But then Kata discovers that her target is just a young boy and that her new accomplice is that boy s slightly older sister , and suddenly her mission is much complicated than she bargained for Faced with takingKata, a ninja, embarks on her first solo mission, for which she must enter a warlord s castle and make sure that a certain sleeping occupant never awakens But then Kata discovers that her target is just a young boy and that her new accomplice is that boy s slightly older sister , and suddenly her mission is much complicated than she bargained for Faced with taking someone s life or confronting the dire consequences of failure in her mission, Kata must make a hard choice, one that leads her into a dangerous battle than she ever expected In this action packed coming of age novel, Kata discovers that while a ninja must always act alone, humanity requires that you accept the trust and friendship of others.

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      384 Sarah L. Thomson
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    One thought on “Deadly Flowers: A Ninja’s Tale

    1. Yajaira Herrera

      Have you ever dream of being a ninja? Well people will say that will be impossible to a ninaj. But in this book this girl have done the impossible to a ninja. The book is called the Deadly Flowers genre is action, Historical fiction,Adventure, and fiction.** Spoiler Alert** this book is about girl who has finally got a mission. The book is about a girl who is in a girl ninja group. The girl has been training to be a ninja her whole life. She has been pick for a mission were she with different pe [...]

    2. paula

      Gr 4-8 -- Ninjas are stealthy. They are disciplined. Ninjas trust no-one, and do not let anything deter them from completion of their mission. Teenage Kata has trained since childhood to live up to the exacting standards that Madame Chiyome sets for her “deadly flowers” - the girls who live a harsh, hungry life at her school for ninjas, and she is determined to succeed in her first mission as an assassin for hire. When it all goes wrong, she finds herself on the run, guarding a powerful amul [...]

    3. Joella

      Who knew female ninjas could be so cool? The fantasy/historical mash-up is pretty good. Though with all the demons and whatnot this might be a little scary for some.

    4. April

      Kata is a Deadly Flower; a female ninja. For her first mission (an unusual first mission, to be sure); she is sent to assassinate the 10-year-old male heir. Instead, she teams up with the boy's sister to instead take on a daring rescue. During the fight and flight; the young heir passes a powerful magical gem on to Kata which makes things even more action-packed as demons and ghosts and monsters now begin to focus on the group trying to make their way to one of the heir's uncles. This was a fast [...]

    5. Vicki

      This is well done fantasy YA, with lots of sophisticated little twists and an enjoyable lead. Kata is an interesting character and it's fun to watch her thought processes while she's debating moves and the politics of a particular action in her head.

    6. Stephanie Torres

      I honestly was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. At first glance, it just seems to be a simple story of this young girl becoming a deadly flower, who has been trained all her life in the arts of shinobi, by completing her first mission; assassinating a 10 year old heir, then things become complicated.Again, this book gave me quite a surprise and its characters, its world building, and central theme, one which I never would have thought about, is all the more reason why I liked it so much.

    7. MImi

      This is a great book for middle school grades. This book is a great way to peak into Japanese history. This book is a fun way to learn what being a ninja is really about. If you have an interest in Japanese warriors and history and legends, this is the book for you.

    8. Mary

      Did I not understand this book?? I don't know what to think of it. The plot was intriguing, the characters decent, the ending kinda meh. Idk - I wanted more? I expected more? It was hard to follow at times - but also super simplified at times. I just wasn't a fan.

    9. Leslie Barberie Blount

      I enjoyed this story of female ninjas, but thought all the fantasy elements were not needed. I would have just like a book about some kick butt women. Why where there demons and giant scorpions?

    10. Amy

      This reminded me of "Grave Mercy," but for the middle-school set. Orphaned or abandoned girls are taken in by a harsh benefactress and trained to be ninjas. When they have completed their training, they are hired or sold for their abilities as fighters and assassins.Kata, the main character, has trained longer than most anyone else at the school. She is proud of her skills and anxious to put them to use, so she is very pleased when she is selected for a particular mission. However, at the last m [...]

    11. Maggie

      This is a PA choice book for 2017-2018, and I think it's a good one for the list--lots of action, a strong female character, interesting setting. The writing is decent, but nothing special. I gave it 3 stars because, as literature, it's OK, but not much more--but I'd recommend it to a lot of my kiddos, who will likely enjoy it much more than I do.

    12. Brenda

      Kata has grown up at a very tough school for girls who want to learn how to be a ninja. At this school, if you fail in a task, the punishment comes swift and harsh. But Kata doesn't have to worry about failing as she knows she is one of the oldest girls studying the skills and she believes she is one of the best. In fact, she can hardly wait to prove to the outside world how deadly she can be. So when she finds out she will be soon going on her first mission, she is very excited and eager to pro [...]

    13. Rosie LaJenky

      Oh my goodness, this book was SO GOOD. I was captivated by page one, and it kept my attention throughout the entire tale. The action was relentless, the main character AWESOME, the culture fantastic, and all the sneak ninja stuff AWESOME.I seriously loved Kata. Some say she wasn't kind enough or was too ruthless or whatever, but I LOVED her for it! So so so many female characters these days are not strong or fast or such a kick-rear warrior-- *cough cough* MICHAEL VEY *cough cough* --but SHE IS. [...]

    14. Alyisha

      My thoughts about this book are in disarray. The first third was very slow. I found it REALLY hard to get into. The second third picked up but it still wasn't stellar. I REALLY liked the last third. As soon as the supernatural stuff entered the picture, things got a lot more interesting. While I liked it fine, I wish I'd liked it *more.* It seems like just my thing. It was like a combination of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lord of the Rings, and Japanese history/mythology -- with a smattering of Di [...]

    15. Jeannie

      Kata, orphaned as a toddler, has been raised to be a female ninja, a deadly flower. She has aspired to be the perfect ninja, taking her training seriously, to be a killing machine. When Madame Chiyome sends her on her first assignment, Kata cannot kill the young child nor return home. Kata, Ichiro and Saiko go on a perilous journey filled with betrayals, hideous demons, and treachery. Not all is what it seems. This gripping Japanese fantasy reveals much about medieval Japan’s Samurai culture a [...]

    16. Samantha

      A book about girl ninjas? Sold! Even by the end of the book, I wasn't a huge fan for Kata for a couple of reasons - one, I felt like sometimes she totally abandoned her training, and two, she was never very kind - which I totally get, given her background, but by the end, I was still expecting a bit more change. And it was a bit creepy, with all of the demons. AND, the ending was sorta a cliffhanger. Sorta. But still - A BOOK ABOUT GIRL NINJAS THAT CAN TOTALLY KICK REARS! It was awesome.

    17. Amy

      3.5 stars. An interesting blend of fantasy, adventure, history, and spookiness. As the main character, Kata goes on an intriguing journey both physically and emotionally. I think readers who like thought-provoking stories will like this, as will those who enjoy fantasy action. I liked the feudal Japan setting as well; it is something not often covered in historical fiction, and it was fun to learn more about ninjas.

    18. Nanci Booher

      So, this is not a book I would normally pick upbut something about the cover grabbed my attention (yes, I judge a book by it's cover). Quick paced, adventurous and quite lovelyis will be on our shelf at school next year!!!

    19. Alice Kuhn

      Kata is a female ninja. Kata is very excited when she is given her first assignment. Little does she know that this assignment will change her life. Strong female character, nice mix of adventure and fantasy. Would recommend it to grades 4th and up.

    20. Serina

      Action packed. Ninja girl has pearl that has bound soul of demon that grants wishes. The book tried hard to make me care for her and her choices.

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