The New Woman

The New Woman Luke Livingstone is a lucky man He s a respected solicitor a father and grandfather a pillar of the community He has a loving wife and an idyllic home in the Oxfordshire countryside Yet Luke is stru

  • Title: The New Woman
  • Author: Charity Norman
  • ISBN: 9781743318751
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback
  • The New Woman

    Luke Livingstone is a lucky man He s a respected solicitor, a father and grandfather, a pillar of the community He has a loving wife and an idyllic home in the Oxfordshire countryside Yet Luke is struggling with an unbearable secret, and it s threatening to destroy him.All his life, Luke has hidden the truth about himself and his identity It s a truth so fundamental thLuke Livingstone is a lucky man He s a respected solicitor, a father and grandfather, a pillar of the community He has a loving wife and an idyllic home in the Oxfordshire countryside Yet Luke is struggling with an unbearable secret, and it s threatening to destroy him.All his life, Luke has hidden the truth about himself and his identity It s a truth so fundamental that it will shatter his family, rock his community and leave him outcast But Luke has nowhere left to run, and to continue living, he must become the person the woman he knows himself to be, whatever the cost.

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    One thought on “The New Woman

    1. Brenda

      Luke Livingstone had it all – a father and grandfather, he had been married to the woman of his dreams for three decades. The love he had for Eilish was reciprocated deeply; his two children Simon and Kate adored him. The home they all loved was in the Oxfordshire countryside and set amongst an idyllic landscape; he was well respected in the community and in his job as a solicitor. Why then was Luke travelling the train into London with dark thoughts? Thoughts that had consumed him for so long [...]

    2. Michael

      Luke Livingstone seemingly has every reason to be happy with his life. Married for the last 30 years to Eilish, a father to Kate and Simon, with a grandson and another on the way and being highly respected solicitor, things couldn't be better. But little does his family know that ever since he was a little boy, Luke has struggled with who he is and know in his 50's, he can no longer ignore the desire to be himself. The day has come to where he can no longer hide the fact that he can either end h [...]

    3. Dale Harcombe

      Supposing after thirty years the man you married comes out with an admission of a secret that makes you wonder if you ever knew him at all? This is the situation facing Luke Livingstone’s wife, Eilish. The admission and decision from Luke has repercussions within the family that affect not only his relationship with his son Simon and his, daughter Kate but also Simon’s children. Initially I found this quite an interesting read as the reactions of how Eilish, Kate and Simon handle Luke’s ad [...]

    4. Liz Barnsley

      The New Woman is perhaps Charity Norman’s best book to date for sheer emotional impact and a beautifully written life story – some really wonderful characters and set in my part of the world which made it even better from my point of view.Luke has been living a lie for all of his adult life. When we meet him at the beginning of the novel, he is seriously considering ending it all – then a chance encounter on a train makes him rethink that choice but in order to carry on living he must nece [...]

    5. Shelleyrae at Book'd Out

      The Secret Life of Luke Livingstone is an emotionally powerful story of a family in crisis from Charity Norman. A respected solicitor and beloved husband, father and grandfather, Luke Livingston seems to have it all, but he has a secret with the potential to destroy it all.With thought provoking insight and sensitivity, Norman tells the story from four different points of view - Luke's, his wife's Eilish's, and their children's Simon's and Kate's.I couldn't help but admire Luke for his courage i [...]

    6. Christina

      Read it all in one sitting, right through the night.I think what I loved most about this novel was the utmost respect and compassion with which the author treats Lucia's story. It's clear that she has done a huge amount of research on the subject of trans issues and how it is for a person to come out as trans and begin the transition to the gender they know themselves to be. As a cis queer woman I don't know what it's like to be trans but I am immersed in the LGBT+ community and am friends with [...]

    7. Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*

      Eilish Livingstone is excited to be planning a big bash for her and Luke's 30th wedding anniversary, followed by a long awaited idyll in Italy. They are a loving couple with three children - Simon who is married and and awaiting the birth of his second child; Charlotte who died at birth and is remembered by a tree in the garden; and Kate who has just returned from an archeological dig.But Luke is struggling with an unbearable secret; one that is going to destroy his life one way or another.And L [...]

    8. Bree T

      Luke and Eilish have been happily married for thirty years. Luke is a lawyer and Eilish a teacher. They have two children – Simon who is a vet and is now embarking on a family of his own and Kate, an archeologist who is a free spirit and feminist. Eilish thought she knew everything there was to know about her husband and never for a second did she think he was keeping a secret from her.A huge secret.Luke Livingstone has gone on for long enough and knows that he cannot keep going as he has been [...]

    9. Tracy Fenton

      A beautifully written book which compassionately deals with gender identity and the ripple effect on all the family. Not an easy read in places, but obviously thoroughly researched when taking into account everyone's emotional reaction to their father/son/grandfather huge life changing decision. Also rather topical at the moment with Bruce Jenner's real life announcement. 4 stars.

    10. Anna

      55 year old Luke is a loving father and grandfather as well as a highly respected solicitor, but his outer successes hide a life of turmoil - he has always known he should have been born female, and as his thirtieth wedding anniversary approaches, he knows he has to tell his family before the inner pain literally kills him. This story should have been hard-hitting and emotional as his wife, mother and children try to comes to terms with his shocking revelation whilst he begins the complex transg [...]

    11. Chanel Lindsay

      A truly gripping read that had me completely engrossed from start to finish. A very thought-provoking story was a joy to read. I loved that the book didn't just focus on Luke's story but the people around him too. The story was told from Luke's wife and two children's point of view as well as his own. Such a brilliant read. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

    12. Lainy

      Time taken to read - 2.5 daysPages - 374Publisher - Allen & UnwinBlurb from Luke Livingstone is a lucky man. He's a respected solicitor, a father and grandfather, a pillar of the community. He has a loving wife and an idyllic home in the Oxfordshire countryside. Yet Luke is struggling with an unbearable secret, and it's threatening to destroy him.All his life, Luke has hidden the truth about himself and his identity. It's a truth so fundamental that it will shatter his family, rock his commu [...]

    13. Kelly

      The Secret Life of Luke Livingstone is a wonderful and endearing book about the struggles of a family who find out the secret hidden by their father Luke. Luke has struggled with his identity his entire life and the book follows his path to become the person who he was destined to be. The book deals with the feelings and emotions of the family and their struggle for acceptance of their father and his changing life. This book struck me unaware as I have never read anything regarding the life of t [...]

    14. Kathy

      I received this book free through First Reads. (first time so was very exciting!) And being a HUGE fan of Charity Norman I was stoked!!! I have read all of Charity Norman’s other novels and have loved them, maybe a little more than this book, but I still really liked it.Charity Norman is a masterful storyteller, drawing you into her character's lives so wholly and completely they are alive in your consciousness long after you have finished reading.The big secret of Luke’s life is revealed q [...]

    15. LaVerne Clark

      *I received a copy of this book from the publisher through the FirstReads giveaways*This will be one of those books that will stay with me for a long time and maybe even make me a better, more understanding person. I'd never really thought much about the transgender community and all the hardships they must face on a daily basis. The courage they have to be true to themselves truly humbles me. Ms Norman's portrayal of each character and their individual journeys as they were confronted by such a [...]

    16. Bernice

      3.5 stars. Some mawkish language from this author as she attempts to out-Trollope Joanna in her descriptions of middle class life. Most irritating was her attribution of human characteristics to inanimate objects: the house, the garden, even the kitchen table, which "knew the family very well 's face bears the honourable scars of hot saucepans.". Ugh.However, the novel is not a bad read. I found myself quite moved by the author's handling of the subject of gender identity. The anguish of Luke/Lu [...]

    17. Anne

      The New Woman by Charity Norman was published in the UK by Atlantic on 23 July 2015, and is the author's fourth novel. Her previous books are: Freeing Grace (March 2012), After The Fall (January 2013) and The Son in Law (March 2014).I'm not sure why or how I've missed Charity Norman's books in the past, but after reading The New Woman, I have now bought all three of her back catalogue and if The New Woman is anything to go by, then I'm in for a real treat.Luke Livingstone and his wife Eilish are [...]

    18. Tripfiction

      Novel set in Oxfordshire and London PLUS author QA (“… in this book she has captured a quintessential British feel”)Chosen to feature on BBC Radio 2′s Book Club, Summer 2015.I became a fan of Charity Norman when I read After the Fall, set in New Zealand. Charity has never been shy of tackling difficult subjects and The New Woman is no exception. She is gently but firmly taking on the mantle from Jodi Picoult for tackling controversial subject matter, setting moral dilemmas at the heart o [...]

    19. MS White

      Realistic, Thoughtful, Balanced…I bought this book after a recommendation through The Book Club on Facebook and have no connection with the author apart from being a fellow member.I’ll nail my colours to the mast before we start – I’m a transgendered writer, and I bought this book out of interest to see how other, non-trans writers tackled what can be a subject for ridicule, misplaced comedy or complete misunderstanding of the issues and problems involved with the condition. I’m happy [...]

    20. NatalieS

      For thirty years Luke Livingstone was a “lucky” man. He worked as a well-respected solicitor and had a loving wife, son, daughter and grandchild. But life in Oxfordshire wasn’t as perfect as it originally seemed. That was because Luke was harbouring a secret- he desperately wanted to be a woman.Eventually Luke is forced to make a tough decision, he will either kill himself or become the woman he always felt he should be. The Secret Life of Luke Livingstone is a fictional, family drama that [...]

    21. Jill's Book Cafe

      As the blurb pretty much describes Luke's dilemma it is not a spoiler to state that this is a book about gender dysphoria. I had seen the book advertised but can't say I was particularly drawn to it, however I received a copy from Real Readers to review so the decision was taken out of my hands. All I can say is, I was so glad it was. This is one of the best books I've read this year. Despite my initial misgivings I was drawn in straight away and couldn't put it down. After 55 years Luke decides [...]

    22. Adele Broadbent

      Being a HUGE fan of Charity Norman I definitely give her new novel 4.5 stars. It would get a 5 but I absolutely LOVE her second novel Second Chances a teensy bit more.Charity Norman is a masterful storyteller, drawing you into her character's lives so wholly and completely they are alive in your consciousness long after you have finished reading.I felt so much for every character and what they were being faced with - Luke Livingstone most of all. I could tell that the research into this novel wo [...]

    23. Ann

      I must admit I downloaded this book mainly because it was by Charity Norman whose previous books I have enjoyed and it was also a 99p kindle deal. Until I started reading it I didn’t realise that it had a gender dysphoria theme which might have put me off. However I am very glad it didn’t as I found the book both moving and thought provoking. Luke a lawyer in his fifties has been married to Eilish for thirty years. They have two children and he very much loves his wife. However for most of h [...]

    24. Toni

      I have never read a book on this subject before. I found it fascinating how each of the characters dealt with the fallout of Luke's decision to be true to himself and I could not put the book down. As I was reading it I was trying to imagine how I would react if my husband dropped that bombshell on me. And I came to the conclusion that while I wouldn't judge him, I couldn't live with it either. Does that make me a bad person? I thought Luke was a very brave and strong person. But I'm afraid the [...]

    25. Elaine Hayes

      "The New Woman" This is the first time I've ever read/listened to a book about gender identity, I really enjoyed it. The character were all really likeable especially Luke, I really came to care about him, one of the beautiful people! The narration was particularly good, having both male & female narrators. I feel I've had a glimpse of what it's like to be trans gender, all the pain & misery it can cause, how truly brave & heroic people can be & have to be. This book has genuinel [...]

    26. Lizzy

      I loved this book, I thought it was amazing. I liked the way that the story presents with differing characters viewpoints (his, his wifes, his daughter and sons. I felt that this gave the book multifacets, depth and dimension.I do not identify with the main character Luke/Lucia as I do not have gender issues but I cheered those who supported Luke/Lucia and booed those who did not.I will be recommending this book to my friends and family, even my husband!I received this book for free through Fir [...]

    27. Nicola

      This was the first book I have read from Charity Norman and I was impressed. This family is turned upside down when Luke ( husband, father, grandfather, son ,friend, colleague) comes out with an admission that will change them all. He is transgender, he is not comfortable being Luke, it is time for him to be himself, Lucia. The writer takes us through different perspectives of each family member, and how they deal with this transition. Although this is a fiction book, it gives an insight into ho [...]

    28. Kim Ross

      Loved this book. Loved This book. Reading of Luke's secret and what the changes will mean for all his family was very thought provoking. His many struggles of strength Can I do this??and should I?? but with the need of being true to yourself, (for Luke ) and the emotional struggles of what his family thought their lives were, and what they will become, how strong is their love?? for all Luke's family and friends.

    29. Teresa

      Quite a "light" read despite the hard-hitting themes but it really hit the right tone for raising awareness of transgender issues, showing the effects on all concerned and showing that glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel

    30. Karen

      I have loved all of Charity Normans books and this one is no exception Beautifully written the story about gender disorientation has given me an insight into this condition and certainly helped me to understand a little bit of how it feels for the trans gender personHighly recommended

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