A Better Man

A Better Man This edition is no longer available Matthew Doner ex con needs a second chance and his aunt s inheritance will finance his dream Julian Capeletti is a contractor in need of a job Will renovating a h

  • Title: A Better Man
  • Author: R.J. Scott Jaime Reese
  • ISBN: 9781614956884
  • Page: 270
  • Format: ebook
  • A Better Man

    This edition is no longer available.Matthew Doner, ex con, needs a second chance and his aunt s inheritance will finance his dream Julian Capeletti is a contractor in need of a job Will renovating a house together let them become better men in the process Matthew Doner has been given a second chance Fresh from a five year prison term he is given a bequest from an aunt oThis edition is no longer available.Matthew Doner, ex con, needs a second chance and his aunt s inheritance will finance his dream Julian Capeletti is a contractor in need of a job Will renovating a house together let them become better men in the process Matthew Doner has been given a second chance Fresh from a five year prison term he is given a bequest from an aunt on the condition that he uses the money to make things right His challenge create a safe place for people like him to find purpose and start a new life.Julian Capeletti likes challenges He is confident, brash, and just what Matthew needs Working as the contractor to renovate the crumbling house is the right job at the absolutely perfect time.What neither man realizes is just how dangerous it is to keep secrets, and how hard it can be to open your heart Is one year enough time to renovate the house and become better men in the process

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      270 R.J. Scott Jaime Reese
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    One thought on “A Better Man

    1. Emma Sea

      This lost its footing and slipped over the edge of the too-much-sap cliff. You know how critics of the m/m genre say the MCs are women written as men? Well this is that kind of book. Not that women all behave like this; just that the stereotype holds true here. I don't know anyone IRL who would act like this, regardless of gender identity. The level of "Love you", "No, love you more" makes me itchy and unsettled. Actually all stereotypes hold true in this book. Workaholic dad, phobic mother, abu [...]

    2. Ingela

      Written January 19, 20153.3 Stars - Nice and tender !!A Better Man is a year-long M/M romance about a house and two damaged men. It has been waiting here unread since last February. My expectations were big. *********************************************************** Matthew Doner is starting over after some years in prison. He has a dream and receives a bequest (a legacy) from an old aunt with the stipulation that he use the money to make things right. again. Matt use the money to buy an old ho [...]

    3. Trisha Harrington

      Oh my God, this book was fantastic! By far one of the sweetest books I have ever read. I have never read a book like it before and I was glad I tried it. A Better man has everything I love in the base of a romance and even more. It has passion and sweet moments, with amazing characters to top it all off. From the first page I was gripped and have never felt so connected to a story. This is about the love that Matt and Julian share, and the two of them dealing with the demons from their pasts. An [...]

    4. Macky

      First review written November 2012:The nicest thing about this story was the love between the two main guys, it grew between them gently and tenderly and by doing so forged a true connection that weathered every obstacle thrown at them including both their past histories and Matts obnoxious mother. In most stories these would normally cause the requisite ' separation ' that generally is the fallout in a lot of m/m novels when the you know what hits the fan to fill out the angst quota, but in thi [...]

    5. Trisha Harrington

      A Better Man is one of my favorite books of all time. I read it the first time it was released and I fell in love with both the characters and the story. I didn't know how I would feel reading it with things changed, I worried about the changes slightly but I didn't really panic. I was more excited than anything. And when I started reading this again, I soon realized that I would have no issues loving these characters again. Jaime Reese did a wonderful job adding and rewriting scenes. She didn't [...]

    6. Sheziss

      This book is very cute. But it's too much. I felt I was forced to love the MCs and as such, I was compelled to resist to their charms. I honestly had a hard time finishing the book. First I thought my slowness was because my brain was catching up on some sleep after long weeks of studying for my exams or the fact I got hooked to a TV series. But then I began reading another book after finishing this one and I couldn't put it down so I stayed the wee hours with the lights on till my eyelids were [...]

    7. Ami

      This is a really good romance that check-mark the things I like to read from the genre. The story happens for a year, highlighting the important events in Matt and Julian's road to relationship. It has a wonderful build-up, some lovely and sweet scenes, and the heartwarming HEA.Julian is a contractor that is out of job and behind his rent when he decides to answer Matt's ad for handyman. While Matt is an ex-convict, sentenced for five-years term after a white collar crime (that is not completely [...]

    8. Bev

      I LOVE YOU MORE!!!What a fabulous story this was! Matt and J were a lovely couple and thoroughly deserved to ride off into the sunset. After the childhood that both men had had, I was amazed that they were as well-adjusted as they undoubtedly were. Can't say I was that keen on Alex, but who knows, maybe marriage to Lindy will turn him around and help him to grow up. Matt & Alex's father Mitch has at last 'grown a pair' and will hopefully no longer be a complete doormat for his hateful bitch [...]

    9. Heather C

      Original Review: July 22, 20124.5 StarsThis was such a sweet book sweet that it bordered on being too sappy, but it was just what I was in the mood for today. Julian and Matt are one of the most adorable couples I've read in a while. Both have past ghosts and dark secrets; it's about second chances and finding that one person who believes in you unconditionally. These men touched my heart.My only complaint is the huge time jumps so close to the beginning of the story. I felt like a lot of the in [...]

    10. Wendy

      I have re-read this series many times and it has become one of my favorite mm-series. Though this first book is not my favorite, so far that title belongs to book 3, I still enjoyed reading it very much. After reading the other books in this series (they all focuss on a different couple), I got to know Matt and Julian even better, which made me enjoy re-reading this one even more.Matt has spend 5 years in prison, for a crime he himself did not commit. He decided to take the fall for it, bec [...]

    11. Ann

      I was lucky enough to get A Better Man from Jaime Reese to read and review for the blog. I may have shamelessly begged a little too, but it worked, so whatever. I checked OMK (Old Man Kindle) and found I originally read, and loved, the first version back in November of 2012. I'd always hoped a second book would come out and so I was really excited to find out this one was being re released and another is on the way. Matt & Julian are great characters and I loved it just as much as I remember [...]

    12. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~

      I love Julian and Matt, and can't wait to read more books in this series.

    13. ¸. • * ° *❧Gwendolyn❧°**★•°**★

      A 4 Star Pure Romance.--Better Man. Re-read 7/7/17Julian & MattThis book starts off Sloooow . it worth the slowness?Yes!THERE IS STRENGTH LOVE & DEVOTION EMBEDDED IN THIS BOOK I LOVE YOUD HOPEHOPE OF A SECOND CHANCE.Gosh, if you are looking for a PURE romance than this book may be for you.I was looking for that, and this was perfect for me. "I LOVE YOU MORE"AWESOME!The Book-There is a slow tender heartbreaking start, but the romance was worth the wait it felt pure. From strangers in need [...]

    14. V

      I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!Perfection from page one, stunning, lovely, sensual, there it so many good things about this story.Note to the authors: please, please write a sequel ASAP. Some authors take 1-2 years to write a sequel, you wouldn't do that to us,would you?

    15. Ana_P

      ★★★★4 Made-Me-Swoon Stars★★★★This was a lovely read that made me completely melt.It was a slow-burn romance with two amazing and completely likable MCs. Julian has been down on his lucky for the past few years and is on the verge of being evicted. He answers an ad in the paper for a one-man job to restore an old and dilapidated house in a year. Julian, at first glance, seems gruff, brash, and unapproachable. But beneath that rough exterior lies an extremely warm, caring, and stro [...]

    16. Mandy*reads obsessively*

      3.5****May contain some spoilers! ***I have mixed feeling about this one, I liked the slow build of the relationship between Julian and Matt.Months went by and only a few kisses, and kudos to the authors, no solo jerk-off scenes or leaking cocks! :)It was a sweet tale of redemption and self acceptance and love, but I found a few things that bothered me.Matt is hiding stuff he knows it and Julian knows it, yet when they finally have sex, I Love You is the first thing they say!Matt doesn't seem bo [...]

    17. Sheri

      A clean slate. A fresh start. A new beginning. Something we all cling to the possible of having after hitting rock bottom. Matt is sitting at the bottom and he has high hopes for his climb back up top. After his release from prison he’s got a plan, but he can’t achieve his goal alone. A wanted ad connects two men at the end of their ropes. The connection is laced with tension and potential, but neither reacts due to the fragility of their situation. They both know secrets are being kept, but [...]

    18. Alona

      Wonderful love story.Very sweet and low on the angst.It started beautifuly, with introducing us to the two loveable MC's, that you can't NOT fall in love with!Julian:A broke construction worker, despret for a job.Matt:Sweet Matt, shy, looking for someone to help him make his dream come true, and build a halfway house for "right out of prison" lonely souls like himself.His tight budget leads Julian to accept the job, move in, and start the renovations alongside Matt.Then, and this is why the 4 st [...]

    19. Susan

      BR with ElsI read this a year ago. And gave it 2.5 stars… I must have had a very bad day when I read this then, because I loved it now!! I really love the writing in this series. I don’t know how to explain it other than it feels comfortable. I loved Matt and Julian. I liked how they got to know each other before anything really happens between them. This had a nice slow burn going on.Matt has been in prison for the past 5 years for embezzlement. He was covering for his brother, but decided [...]

    20. Chris

      Very good m/m romance about a contractor who's been unable to find work and is about to be homeless, so he answers an ad for a handyman job that turns out to be much, much more. And what's up with his secretive, prickly, and attractive new boss? I'm glad there's a sequel planned, because I want to see what the next chapter of their lives looks like!

    21. Kaje Harper

      A nice sweet romance about two guys brought together in the rehabbing of an old home. Both men are secretive and private about their pasts, but it turns out they have more in common than they realize. Despite the potential for some major angst in the back-story and family situations of both these men, this book is more about the resolution than about the pain.

    22. Tara♥

      So when I actually finished this I thought 3 stars but you know what? I'm hooked. I've just started the third one and looking back I totally enjoyed this. So first of all. Jaime Reese uses all of the words. ALL OF THEM. There is a lot of repetition and it's important to also note that these are two of the most insecure men on the planet. They constantly question the others feelz and I did lots of eye rolls but I don't care cause I liked them both (Julian more) and I did the shouting for them (an [...]

    23. Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read**

      ***3.5 Stars***Matt has recently been released from prison for a crime he didn't necessarily commit, but was willing to go to prison for. He wants to create a place where newly released parolees can come and find support, acceptance and a second chance at living a better life. Julian is a down on his luck guy, with a disheartening past who happens to stumble upon Matt's ad for a handyman to restore and rehab Matt's project. Upon meeting, Matt and Julian definitely feel an attraction towards each [...]

    24. Ang -PNR Book Lover Reviews

      Beautiful, Cute, Sweet, Perfect Romance!!Julian and Matt are Beautiful!! I loved every thing about this story it was every thing I Love!✮ Perfect Characters!! ✮ Smexy Hot Love scenes!!✮ Wonderful writing that kept me interested!!✮ Made me Giggle and Sigh So Much!!✮ Romance it was so Sweet, Sweeter then Candy!!"I Love You" " I Love you more."✮Julian is a contractor who has no job and is so late on his rent that he answers to answer Matt's ad for handyman. While Matt is an ex-convict 5 [...]

    25. Lelyana

      OFFICIALLY STARTING THIS SERIES NOW!!!Look how excited I am :)Thank you Jaime Reese. This is beautiful.Julian and Matt are perfect.Can't stop fangirling after J while reading ;)Loved how Julian taking care of Matt and deal with his devilish Mother. Stand up for his man!And I adored Julian when he carried Matt and nursing himAI want my own Julian!Review soon after I'm a little healthier.Recommended !Thank you Ami for suggested me to read this series. You know me so well. Mwah!""Whatever happens w [...]

    26. Mona

      WOW! This book was justWOW! It's inspiring, heart wrenching and beautifully sweet, all at once. I love, love, loved this amazing read. And now I'm off to read the next!!

    27. Lauren

      UPDATED APRIL 2014 -I just read the revised and expanded version, and I swear I loved it more this time around (which I didn't think would be possible!) The only issue I had with it before was the big time jumps between scenes, as the book was set out in in terms of months, during the course of the year's remodelling and building of the halfway house. The expanded parts certainly helped to fill in the gaps here, which was really nice.Such a great little romance, I highly recommend this to anyone [...]

    28. Don Bradshaw

      This new and expanded edition written solely by Ms Reese left me hungry for the next story in a promising series. This story screamed "communication necessary" on every page. Matt and Julian were both carrying so much baggage, mostly from family, that they had just about forgotten how to open up. They were both well written and very likable characters who did well with other people as long as things were kept at the surface. It took almost losing each other to really get the two of them communic [...]

    29. Awilk -never sleeps-

      This was a great story, that was realistic and left me wanting more. The slow burn between the leads was well done, and I loved how they stood up for each other when times were hard.The secondary characters were fleshed out, and by the time I got to the end I was wishing that the next book was available already.Jaime Reese has a new fan if she keeps writing books as good as this one.

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