O Eleito

O Eleito Quem protege os segredos do Presidente dos Estados Unidos Estados Unidos da Am rica A mais poderosa democracia do mundo No jogo pol tico de Washington as apostas s o altas mas nem todos est o dispos

  • Title: O Eleito
  • Author: Sam Bourne Ana Álvares
  • ISBN: 9789892315218
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Paperback
  • O Eleito

    Quem protege os segredos do Presidente dos Estados Unidos Estados Unidos da Am rica A mais poderosa democracia do mundo No jogo pol tico de Washington, as apostas s o altas, mas nem todos est o dispostos a jogar segundo as regras A popularidade de Stephen Baker, o rec m eleito Presidente dos Estados Unidos, est em alta Depois de anos conturbados, os Americanos deposQuem protege os segredos do Presidente dos Estados Unidos Estados Unidos da Am rica A mais poderosa democracia do mundo No jogo pol tico de Washington, as apostas s o altas, mas nem todos est o dispostos a jogar segundo as regras A popularidade de Stephen Baker, o rec m eleito Presidente dos Estados Unidos, est em alta Depois de anos conturbados, os Americanos depositam nele toda a sua confian a Mas h sempre quem represente a excep o, e essa pessoa Vic Forbes, um homem na posse de informa o t o diab lica que poder destruir o Presidente Quando Forbes assassinado, as teorias de conspira o multiplicam se Ser que foi o pr prio Stephen Baker a ordenar a sua morte, ou ter sido obra dos seus opositores, dispostos a tudo para o desacreditar A ex conselheira presidencial Maggie Costello encarregada de conduzir uma investiga o paralela Na sua busca pela verdade, ela vai deparar se com o impens vel uma conspira o em grande escala que remonta ao passado e ao pr prio nascimento dos Estados Unidos

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      251 Sam Bourne Ana Álvares
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    One thought on “O Eleito

    1. Yuliya

      I didn`t enjoy it nearly as much as Sam Bourne's other books. The plot was ok, but the explanation was quite simple and unimaginative. Also, the author repeats the same thing a lot, like introducing a Secret Service agent Zoe Galfano not one, but three times, using almost the same words! (Example below). Seriously, does the author think the readers are too stupid to retain new information or did he have a bad editor, or is he simply padding the book?p.16 "and into the hands of a casually-dressed [...]

    2. Wan Ni

      Run of the mill thriller predicating on a conspiracy of the rise to grace of the American president. Not at all surprising, and filled with Mary Sue characters.

    3. Lucy Ette

      After reading some of Sam Bourne's other books and really enjoying them, I couldn't wait to start this one. However, I found it to be slow starting, with a focus on description of characters and their history rather than creating the suspense that the storyline really desired. In the end I stopped reading it, partly because I had to return it to the library but I also couldn't make myself read any more of it. What I loved about his other books, 'The Final Reckoning' for example was that the stor [...]

    4. Rinke

      I picked this one up a little while ago in a second hand book store. and after reading the excerpt it got me curious and I am glad I gave it a chance.Being the big Dan Brown fan that I am. I was a bit skeptic about the whole better than stuff on the cover. But after reading I can honestly say that in my opinion it is a great book but not better than the Dan Brown series.Why? It really is in the little things: The pacing in the first 100-150 pages is a little slow (it picks up later) and sometime [...]

    5. Diana Febry

      Mixed feelings on this book. It is well constructed, with intrigue and suspense plus I eventually liked the central character Maggie (didn't love her!).However, I felt the story took ages to get going and I very nearly abandoned the read. It also seemed to get very bogged down in the procedures of the nomination through to election of American Presidents and the day to day workings of The White House. The big stumbling block was the idea that the President relied on one unqualified Irish member [...]

    6. Nameeta Rao

      This is a 3.5 star thriller.The story is very fast paced and towards the end its hard to keep the book down. In the beginning one is left wondering if this is all just a big cover up by the President. Maggie tasked with discovering the truth finds her self in too deep before she realises it. The plot unravels nicely and the ending ties up the whole story. These sort of political thrillers always make me wonder if there is really so much intrigue and scandal surrounding the White House. (Obama sa [...]

    7. Senthamilselvan Thirunavukkarasu

      I have read in a blog that Sam Bourne’s writing are like Dan brown’s. Though the writing was not up to the expectation, he did his part. This story revolves around the conspiracies to remove the newly elected president from his office. The person who claimed to expose the dark sides of the president is mysteriously dead, the reason stated as suicide. But in order to find out the truths, the president sends his most trustable office staff, the protagonist, an Irish Maggie Costello. Having alr [...]

    8. Merril Anil

      It’s a Sam Bourne with less charm The book made me realize why I love Sam Bourne as an author and why I can go for his works blindly at any given day. The book has a good plot and the usual research and intrigue of a Sam Bourne novel but even though not disappointing, I would not say it is his best work.The Book has the characters of his previous novel, The Last testament being continued on and though it does not hamper your experience as a first time reader, reading the last testament (which [...]

    9. Rohit Jangid

      Well to start with it wasn't a chosen book rather one that fumbled into my lap .I saw this collection of four stories provided as a complement by Readers Digest and my fetish for hardbound books turned on and I jumped right on it.The Chosen one by Sam Bourne is definitely a thriller holding you from the first few pages and not letting off the rabbit till the final few pages.Since I read a 140 page version of it(sorry I didn't googled and thought this was a full version) ,the story came out as a [...]

    10. Siddartha Thota

      I once had to do a course on the War and Peace in West Asia at college. Feeling intrigued about the conflict that no one seemed to find a solution, even I began to read more about it. It was then that I came across Sam Bourne's The Last Testament through some random internet searching (just like in his books). He instantly became one of my favourite writers. His stories contain everything that I love to read about. This book is a little different from his previous offerings as the historical dra [...]

    11. Matt

      Another excellent book by Bourne, this time taking us away from the biblical (or religious) happenings and delving right into the politics. How can a man who has become POTUS, the ever-successful underdog, make his way to the top? What happens when some guy starts spilling secrets that could derail a presidency not yet counted in triple digit days? Bourne touches on those and how there is always someone working 'behind the curtain', demanding that no one peer back to see.While it took me longer [...]

    12. Ramla

      To be honest this book has disappointed me. From the reviews on the cover I expected this book to have lot more than what it actually did.Maggie Costello finds herself in life-threatening danger in trying to save the crumbling presidency of Stephan Baker the President of US she believes has the power to change the world.In the starting the book is a real page-turner and you expect to be blown off your feet when the mystery finally unfolds but unfortunately that really does not happen. The crucia [...]

    13. Charlotte

      After reading the prologue, I thought it was worth reading, unfortunately, the genre was totally not my type. Should have read the blurb on the back of the book more carefully. It's totally about politics, conspiracy and crime. Crime is something I read when the mood strikes.The book cover claims that it's an easier read than Dan Brown's which I feel is an unfair comparison. Dan Brown's books have a lot of research done before being written and publish. This book was or rather felt that it was j [...]

    14. Henningw

      I really enjoyed reading this book. So much, that I was unable to put it down. Maggie Costello from "The last testament" played the main role in this one. This time the story is about a personal attack with a series of allegations being made on the US president. Maggies duty is to invetigate/uncover who is behind it all.The story is interesting right from the start and the intensity remains at a high level throughout the entire book. To be honest,the end seemed a bit far fetched, but the book is [...]

    15. Eliana Celestino

      O meu problema com esse livro foi a suspensão da descrença. Em todos os momentos eu pensava que aquela mulher não deveria conseguir fazer o que estava fazendo. Se ela, que não é nem jornalista e nem detetive, conseguiu desvendar todo o mistério, qualquer um conseguiria. Simples assim. E no contexto em que a história se passa (EUA) com certeza milhares de pessoas tentariam fazer o que ela fez.Não consegui me relacionar com absolutamente nenhum dos personagens Talvez só com o Uri, mas nã [...]

    16. Kirsten

      I had no idea what kind of story this book was about when I started reading it. I knew I wanted to read this one because I did quite enjoy Bourne's previous books. It was nice to see Maggie Costello back, and the character of Stephen Baker was well, he was the all-american president-extraordinaire. You HAD to like him. Either way. It was a good read even if it appears that maybe, just maybe some of the potential in the story was not used. I dont know, this kind of conspiracy offers more Nonethe [...]

    17. Cksmith

      I absolutely loved this book! I admit the main reason I picked it up is because I am a Harry Potter fan and couldn't resist a book called the Chosen One however I knew it would be nothing like it. Maggie Costello is without a doubt my favourite main character who is female in any book/ movie I've ever read! It's well written, exciting and full of surprises. Because of this book, Sam Bourne is one of my favourite authors!

    18. Zelda of Unapologetic Reviews

      I finished this book in a week. It was rather engaging and interesting. Mind you, not the best book I've ever read, but it was entertaining. The character had some development and it was fast-paced. I also liked the ending. So if you are looking for an interesting story and are not terribly squeamish, this is a good book. Even if it wasn't that special for me.

    19. Trine

      Boken var ok, men det var veeldig lenge om å faktisk komme igang Og når det endelig kom til slutten, var det veeeldig kort oppsummert Kanskje hadde jeg for høye forhåpninger etter hans andre bøker - denne var ihvertfall ikke den beste!

    20. Ashok

      I picked this one to try a new author, and found the begining to be slow. But then it picks pace and shuttles you between both Washingtons, - a City and the state, and was a good read. Guess I will try more of his books now.

    21. Abhishek

      Fast paced intelligent drama with a crisp narrative, The Chosen One by Sam Bourne is one of the best books I've read in 2010. Highly recommended for people who like Dan Brown and Sidney Sheldon novels.

    22. Rohini Didar

      the book was ok not great the reason why bought the book was it was compared with Dan Brown's writing. May be because of that i did not like the book so much. The story was ok but it seemed very lengthy

    23. Charmaine

      This book makes you think whether it is fiction or fact could very well be what happens in real life - especially in view of the recent economic happenings. Its a page turner - you have to know what's going to happen next. If you enjoy thrillers and suspense, then you should read this.

    24. Miroslav Rakovic

      „Born je majstor ove forme… uz savršenu kontrolu napetosti i pripovedačkog toka.“ObserverNapetost? Mora da je kriticar citao neki drugi roman.Braca Koen su snimili film "Burn After Reading", za ovu knjigu bih rekao Burn Before Reading.

    25. Greer Andjanetta

      A good story involving presidential politics and powerful hidden groups who control things from behind the scenes. Well written, this story holds the reader's interest from beginning to end - it does not use a long (usually boring) introduction before the story gets interesting.

    26. Graham Armstrong

      A good book, with a story that once you get into it is worth continuing to the end. There are enough plot twists to keep the story interesting without leaving you wondering what has actually happened. The ending is strong, and doesn't leave you feeling meh.

    27. Jim

      I like Sam Bourne's books, they do what it says on the tin. This one has Maggie Costello as hero again, in some implausible employment with the US government, and there's some great short chapter suspense stuff that kicks the crap out of Dan Brown for my money.

    28. Mandy

      This is the first Sam Bourne book I've read and really enjoyed it. Read at a good pace and kept me interested to keep turning the pages to find out what happens. Will definitely look for more of his books.

    29. Winnie

      This is well written with good characterisation and reasonably fast paced. Only problem with sam bourne is that he is a working journalist and therefore not writing full time so you wait ages between books.

    30. Joe Stamber

      I bought this after mistakenly thinking that I had enjoyed a previous SB book more than I actually did. It's a moderately entertaining tale about a woman who is investigating a plot to bring down the newly elected president.

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